How to Update an EIN Information

Your Employer Identification Number (EIN) cannot be changed once it has been allotted to you by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). However, in certain circumstances it can be updated. The process is to tell the IRS about the circumstances due to which you want your EIN updated. For example, in case of change of address. The IRS protocols will allow you to do that, but if you have changed the structure of your business and have become a partnership, from corporation, you cannot update the EIN, you will need to apply a new one.


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    Inform IRS

    On change of the circumstances, you will need to write a letter to IRS and inform them about the need for update in your EIN status. Make sure you give enough time to IRS to decide your application. You will have to inform them clearly about the change of circumstances.

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    Provide all details to IRS in the letter. This includes the old and new address and other information that you want to update. Mark the letter with clear purpose of the change, and reasons why you want to update them.

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    Company Details

    In the letter, provide all legal details of the company, which includes name, address, registration and taxation details etc. You might be asked for provision of further information later. So, make sure you satisfy all the requirements of the IRS to get your application entertained. In some circumstances, the IRS might ask you to get new EIN.

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    Maintain Record

    Maintain a complete record of your communication and the documents that you have provided to IRS. Make copy each of them and keep in a proper filing system so that you can produce their proof at the time of their requirement.

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    Communication Confirmation

    It is likely that the IRS will inform you about the receipt of your letter. Keep the letter, and if you do not receive any further communication within stipulated time, contact the department again. You should quote the reference number in all your correspondence.

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    Maintain Updated EIN

    On receiving updated status of EIN, maintain its record. Also, refer the new EIN details in you communications, as the updated EIN will replace all your previous details and will not be accepted as valid by the IRS or any other concerned department.

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