How to Upgrade Drivers for a Video Card on a Pc

Driver is a computer program that enables the computer hardware to work properly in the operating system. In other words, a Driver is a program that controls or operates a particular type of hardware device attached to the computer.

Any type of computer hardware has its drivers, and without drivers, that specific type of device is unable to work in the operating system. For instance, if a sound card has been attached to the mother board, one must install its drivers as well. Otherwise, the sound card will not operate.

Similarly, Video Cards have drivers as well. However, the video card drivers, just like others, are outdated after some time, and had to be updated in order to better that device’s efficiency.

Many think that updating device driver is an extremely difficult task. However, it is one of the easiest tasks, and one can comfortably update their Video Card drivers after reading this article.


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    Determining the Video Card:

    Before updating your Video Card driver, one must know which video card is installed on their computer. For this purpose, right click on your ‘My Computer’ icon, and select properties. Click on the ‘Device Manager’ icon in the ‘Hardware’ tab, and then click on the ‘+’ sign on ‘Display Adaptors’ tab. Note down the driver name on a notepad.

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    Searching and Downloading the New Driver:

    It is recommended that one visits the official website of that particular device manufacturer. However, if one does not want to download it from the official website, which will eventually cost them a little, they can search the device driver’s name on Several free websites will offer you the services of downloading the drivers for free. Click on any of the websites, and follow instructions to download the driver. Save the file on the desktop of your computer.

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    Installing the New Downloaded Driver:

    Right click on your ‘My Computer’ icon, and select properties. Click on the ‘Hardware’ tab, and then click the ‘Device Manager’ tab. Now, click on the ‘+’ sign at ‘Display Adaptors’ tab, and then right click on the listed device driver to remove it. After the previous version is removed, open the downloaded driver, and follow the instructions to install the new drivers. Restart your computer, and your Video Card drivers are now new and updated.

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