How to Use a Band for Leg Exercises

Resistant bands are an inexpensive and portable option to weights for your home gym. Find a set with a door frame attachment and ankle straps along with a set without handles to achieve a strong purpose from the resistance bands. You should be able to tone up almost all of the muscle groups in your body including the legs, and that too in the comfort of your home. These exercise routine are very effective and will help you stay in shape. There are a number of ways to use a band for leg exercises in order to achieve the desired result.


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    Hamstring curls

    One legged hamstring curls done with the resistance band assist you to detach the muscle along the back of your leg between the exercises. Your lower back, ab muscles and glutes act as stabilizers and also gain an advantage from the exercise. Place the resistance band to a door frame that is 6 to 12 inches above the surface.

    Fasten the ankle strap to a leg and lie flat face down with your head seeing away from the door frame. Lower your knee and pull the heel towards your glutes as much as you can. Halt when the knee comes into contact with your butt or when your lower back or hips begin to move along with the movement. Return to the original stance and repeat several times.

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    Perform squats

    A Pilates move or travelling squats marks and tones muscles around your thighs and hips, helping you lose your saddlebags. The side stepping movement along with the leg lift reduces the fat on your inner and outer thigh muscles. Attach a resistance band without handles around the ankles with your feet hip width apart from each other. Move to the right and make the left foot to touch the right one. Raise the right leg with toes pointed to the side. Maintain this for a couple of seconds and lower the leg back to the surface. Do this in every direction.

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    Calf exercise

    Calf raises help the muscle movement in the rear bottom of your leg. Perform this exercise with the aid of only your body weight, barbell or a dumbbell along with the resistance band variation. Stand with your feet on the middle of a band. Hold the handles and bring them to any side of your head with palms facing front. Make this exercise tougher by creating a loop.

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