How to Use Eyebrow Gel and Powder

Filling in spares on eyebrows is the most common use for eyebrow gel and powder. You can make effective use of gel and powder also give new shades, shapes and depth to your eyebrows. While you apply gel and powder to get your desired impact on the eyebrows, you should see the difference or progress. For this purpose you should determine the spots where you need use of gel and colour from your makeup. You can use a magnifying mirror to gauge the progress closely. The main process is the same.


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    Pick up Matching Color

    First and important step for you is to select the right color of gel and powder, either that matches the natural colour tone of your eyebrows or the colour you want to give them. You can change the natural colour of your eyebrows and give a new shade or tone.

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    Using Right Quantity

    Using right quantity of gel and powder of your selected shade should give the best result to your eyebrows. If you want to give your eyebrows a dark tone, apply stroke of brush with gel or powder of the same colour two or even three times. Stop in the process to see the progress and accordingly add more colour. Also, you can apply second and third coat of the powder. Let it sit on the eyebrows for a couple of minutes before removing it to see the outcome.

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    Fill in Until You Get Natural Shape

    An eyebrow powder is used to fill in sparse, and you can continue to apply strokes with the makeup brush until you get the shade and tone of the colour you want. It is important that you are satisfied, since well done eyebrows give an expression to your face. A badly done eyebrow with improper use of gel or powder can destroy your face makeup as well.

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    Use of Gel Adds Definition

    The basic use of gel is to add a definition to your eyebrows. A proper use of gel can give a new shade to your eyebrows colour. They work like mascara, and are effective to give a statement to your facial makeup. The gels are applied the way eyebrows powders is filled in. Again, selection of the colour and picking up right quantity is necessary to get the best result.

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