How To Use Oil Change Stickers

Forgetting important things has become very common in this fast paced world. Sometimes, one does remember the things that he needs to do, but usually they stay at back of the mind.

There are many crucial matters that need to be addressed at one particular time. And if we get late, the chances of the damage increase significantly. Maintenance of the care, especially oil changes, is the one thing from this category.

The engine may even get seized, if someone does not change oil regularly. Most of us use cars on daily basis. Therefore, the oil change should not be taken for granted. It is an extremely important matter that should not be forgotten.

One cannot leave all the stuff on the mechanic. You should be familiar to the basics, such as oil change. It is very important to know when to change the oil.

The vehicle manufacturers have determined special perimeters after which the oil must be changed. For example, a small Suzuki must get new oil after every 1000-1500 miles. There are no hard and fast rules in this regard though, because every vehicle has its different limits.

In order to avoid any problem, one must always put a sticker on the vehicle to keep a close eye. One can also write down to his personal diary, but the car sticker is the best option. It stays in front of your eyes all the time and reminds you of what you should do.

It is a very simple procedure. You just need to note particulars on a sticker and put it somewhere on the car, preferably to a place where you usually glance at. These stickers are easily removable, so there is nothing to be worried about. You can paste it on your dashboard or somewhere under the bonnet.


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    First of all, consult your mechanic or car manufacturer and determine the time period after which the oil should be changed. For example, your mechanic may suggest that it must be done after every 1000 miles.

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    The stickers are easily available in the workshops. You can even use a plain sticker for this. Write down your current metre reading on the sticker as well as the date.

    For instance, your car has run 35000 miles till the day you are changing the oil. Write down this reading on the sticker, as it will remind you that the oil should be changed on 36000.

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    It is always better to change the oil slightly before the value your mechanic has suggested. Once the car exceeds the limit, change your oil and put a new sticker by repeating the same procedure.

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