How to Use the Ferber Sleep Method for Infants

Your baby is a sweet blessing and gift from God. You would love to spend time with your baby – cuddling, playing, loving and pampering him/her. However, being a parent and child rearing isn’t a simple job. Plunging into parenthood is a turbulent and overwhelming experience where you will come across many issues. Sleeplessness or sleep disorder is one among the most common issues parents face with their infants. And, there comes a time in the life of almost every parent, sooner than later, when they feel the time is right to have their baby sleep serenely and calmly through the night.

Whether they arrive at this point as a result of over-tiredness or aggravation, they begin to look into the best possible ways to help their baby sleep peacefully and, hopefully, longer. This is actually the time when parents are advised to consider the famous and researched technique like “The Ferber Sleep Method.” Invented by Pediatrician Richard Ferber, it is also known as “graduated extinction,” “ferberizing” or “cry it out.” It is possibly the most standard sleep training program to work out sleeping related problems in infants, soothing them to peaceful sleep.


  • 1

    Set Infants’ Routine

    First of all set a night routine for you and your baby. Make sure that the routine is comforting, soothing and loving for your baby.

  • 2

    Let the infants awake

    Now put your baby to bed awake and walk out of the room.  It is a bit rude, but you will have to do it to successfully implement the Ferber Sleep Method. Allow the infant to appease him/her to sleep.

  • 3

    Determine the time intervals of infant’s crying

    Once the infants find their self, they will cry for sure. Control your parenting emotions and focus on determining the time intervals for when your baby starts to cry. Begin with 5 minutes’ interval and drag it to 10 minutes.

  • 4

    Keep an eye on your baby

    Visit your baby’s room at the set time interval. Make sure not to pick up or pamper your baby. However, you can reassure her him orally that he/she is okay.

  • 5

    Increase the Time Interval

    Now, leave the baby’s room again and increase the time interval.  Repeat the above step until your baby goes to sleep.

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