How to Use Vibration Machines for Exercise

Vibration machines for exercise have become really famous in recent years and their users have increased significantly especially in the last few months. These exercise equipments work on a very different technique as compared to other machines for exercise.

These kinds of machines usually have a large rectangular or oval vibrating plate and you can do various isometric exercises on them. You can exercise while sitting, standing or even using side-lying positions. Another impressive thing about these machines is that they come with different accessories, thus making it easier for you to perform different exercises.


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    Know your limits

    It is true that using vibration machines is easier than working out using traditional methods. But this does not mean that you exceed your limits. You need to stay well within your limits and before using such machines for the first time, learn what the contraindications are and whether you should use it or not in case you have any medical problem.

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    Use the correct posture

    Using these vibration machines for exercise can become very costly if you are not using the correct posture. It is very important to use these machines in proper body alignment. You need to keep this in mind that your weight must be on your toes. Slightly bend your knees for proper posture and make sure that your heels are slightly elevated from the vibration machine.

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    Set up your time

    The most important thing about these vibration machines is that they come with a screen that allows you to set up your time of exercise. You can even set the amplitude and frequency using the firmware of the machine you are planning to exercise on. You can set the time as you want and it is advised that you set the time keeping your fitness level in mind.

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    Work on your balance

    Using vibration machines can be very tricky for you if you haven’t used them before. The thing that annoys the most is keeping your balance right on the machine. Vibration makes it tough to stand on the machine and balance your body at the same time but you will get used to it after some time. Make sure that your toes are holding most of your weight and don’t forget to slightly bend your knees. If you want to test your limits, you can try to stand on one foot as an additional challenge. If you manage to do that, you will be able to do every exercise on these vibration machines.

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