How to Use Your Digital Camera Settings

If you have a digital camera and you are very new to its features, then you do not need to worry any more, as this article will help you know about using the basic settings of your gadget. Different cameras offer different setting options. Yet, the settings are almost similar to each other. From taking pictures to editing them on computer, the process is quite simple. Therefore, you do not need to worry much about the brand of your camera as the basic features are almost same and you can learn them quickly, without any issue.


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    You will see an on/off button on your camera. Switch it on and you will see the lens coming out of the camera and start focusing. Different cameras offer different types of lens. In some cameras, the lens move inside the cover. On the contrary, some cameras will have lens which will come out physically from the front side of it. Whichever camera you own, the lens will automatically start focusing the scene.

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    If you have an LCD screen installed at the back side of your camera, then you will be able to see the image, which is appearing in front of the camera. If you do not have an LCD installed, still you can check the view by looking through a small viewing hole installed, usually on the upper part of your camera. In case of handy cams, the hole is present in a separate stick attached to it, if the LCD screen is not present.

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    You can check for different options available in the camera. If you have camera with touch-screen option, then you can change the setting by tapping on the LCD. Some of the basic options include resolution setting, mode settings, day time settings, colour settings etc.

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    After you are done with configuring your camera, hold it about 10 inches away from your face and slightly press and hold the picture-taking button, placed on top of your camera. The camera will now focusing the objects in front of its lens. You will then hear a beep or green coloured box appearing on your screen, which indicates that the lens has finished focusing.

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    You can then press the button completely, and the picture will be taken and saved on your camera disk.

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