How to Walk On a Treadmill to Burn Fats

Treadmill was initially used to diagnose heart and lung disease, but these days its purposes are more diversified, as it is found almost in every household. Irrespective of the weather, the user can get on the treadmill and start exercising, mostly brisk walks and running is associated to weight loss and you can do both over the device. It is essential for fat burning purposes that you warm-up and then intensify the routine for better results. Five to ten minutes are more than enough to get the blood flowing, as your muscles relax and the energy is sapped from the sugar reserves of your body.


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    The user needs to set the right pace to reach that optimum level where fat starts burning and desired results are attained. When you start walking on the treadmill, it is imperative that you keep increasing your pace as the minutes tick by. This will increase your heart rate and you will feel the difference when you start breathing slightly heavily, but will be able to talk normally. As the pace increases, the heart rate will jump up to 60% to 70 % of normal rate, and you will feel the difference as it will start to warm up and there will be some urgency in your movement.

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    After a brisk-walk session of 30 minutes, you are now ready to melt that fat. You have now successfully tricked your way to the fat reserves of your body, and now your body is burning fat and using that energy to increase the pace. It will not only enable you to dip into the fat stores in your body, but it will build up your muscles as well, and eventually increase your metabolic rate which will enable you to burn calories all day long.

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    It is important that you understand how much pressure you can put on your body, especially when you are a beginner. Don’t raise the bar too quickly, get your body used to the 30 minute walk-session and anything above that will help you burn fat, and from then on in you can set a fat burning pace.

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    At this point you are probably walking 20 miles a week, and now is the right time to step things up and take it to the next level. Results purely from walking will show, but the speed and duration increased will make things only better.

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    Once you are ready and pumped, use different arm motions and speed up to add variety to your exercise regime.

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