How to Wash Vintage Blankets

Whether you spill something on your blanket or they merely get dirty over time, washing might be complex process. Modern day blankets are generally machine-washable and you can easily wash them at home. However, it is not wise to wash the vintage blankets in a machine, as they are delicate and you might damage them while doing so. It is better to wash vintage blankets by hand and show some delicacy while performing the entire washing process. You need to follow some simple steps to wash the vintage blankets by hands and restore their originality at the same time.


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    You remove dust or any debris from the blanket before starting the washing process. Shake out the blanket to do so but be gentle with your movements.

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    You should also ensure that your vintage blanket is not shrinkable or losses colour when washed with water. You can do it by soaking one corner of the blanket in water and letting it dry to give the results. Use cold water and add some detergent to it before soaking the blanket’s corner.

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    If you see any decolouration or shrinkage on the blanket, you better not try to wash it by yourself and take it to a drycleaner who is well experienced in cleaning vintage blankets. If you didn’t witness any unfavourable results, you can proceed further.

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    Take a large container, big enough to submerge the entire blanket, such as a bath tub or a big washing tub.

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    Add cool water to the container. Do not fill it completely and make room for putting the blanket into it.

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    You better use a mild detergent, like Woolite, or a mild dish washing detergent for washing vintage blankets. Add just few capfuls of it to the cool water.

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    Put the blanket in water and start agitating it with your hands gently for 5 to 10 minutes. It is better to wear protective rubber or latex gloves, so that your skin is not damaged from the chemicals present in the detergents.

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    You will see dirt coming out of the blanket and the soapy water will turn dirty as well. Drain away the soapy water completely from the container.

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    Now add fresh cool water to the container and start agitating the blanket thoroughly once again to remove the remaining soap from it.

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    You can rinse it once again if you feel there is still soap left in the blanket.

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    Drain the water and let the blanket dry flat on clean towels.

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