How to Watch a Movie with Your Girlfriend

Watching a movie with your girlfriend has its own pros and cons. Pros include the fact that you will get to spend some quality time with your girlfriend. However, on the other hand, you might not end up watching a movie of your choice. Girls mostly hate action movies, and they might not even like the usual thrillers that you look forward to. You can consider watching a comedy movie, but a perverted comedy is most definitely not on the list. Therefore, you might eventually end up watching either a romantic movie or a horror movie; keep in mind that the latter should be your last option.


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    In case you want to watch a movie with your girlfriend, you have to select the perfect one. Inevitably, you will find yourself thinking "what’s the perfect movie?" Usually, it is a good mix of romance and comedy. It will make her laugh and can also be a good option for you as you will not have to watch an all-romantic movie, which guys mostly hate. Moreover, the softer moments can be shared by both of you, as you might end up relating them to your personal relationship.

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    Once you have decided which type of movie you will watch, you have to choose between all the different places where you can end up watching the movie. You can opt for a cinema, which is a public place; you can opt for your living room, which is slightly more comfortable; or you can opt for your bedroom, which should be your last option since one or both of you might end up falling asleep during the movie.

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    Once the place has been decided, you have to make sure that your girlfriend gets the most comfortable seat in the house. Whether you are in a cinema, your living room or your bedroom, since she is a lady, she gets the best seat. Once she takes her seat, you may take the seat right next to her. Make sure the two of you are close enough because women love to give you a slap when they are laughing and they like to cuddle whenever there is an emotional scene on the screen. Be there for them for both these moments as both these scenes are likely to show up if you are watching a romantic comedy.

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    Lastly, don’t let her make the first move every time. She would like you to hold hands too. Do not make her uncomfortable. Hold her hand when she wants to, cuddle whenever she likes. In case you have opted for a horror movie, a sudden hug may be expected every now and then.

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