How to Write a Humor Column

As a journalist, writing a column regularly can be an uphill task but trouble grows double if you are required to produce a humourous piece. Mostly, people think that getting fun out of ordinary things is an easy job but the reality is completely different.

One must have an eye to look at things from an entirely different angle and present them in a unique manner. It is like playing with double-edged sword as you need to keep your humour real despite of all the exaggeration. You can do this by following some simple yet effective writing techniques.


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    Pick ordinary news:

    First of all, you should pick the topic of discussion very carefully. It is very important to choose a unique thing to lock the attentions of readers. Normally, writers think that extraordinary news can attract the readers but a writer’s skill is tested in the way he brings out something extraordinary out of an ordinary subject.

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    Gather information:

    You must do extensive research about the subject. Gather all the information as it will help you in creating new angles. Moreover, your observation will be more authentic if the data is complete. For instance, if some celebrity is your subject then dig deep to get some interesting facts about that person’s life. This will enable you to play with facts and figures freely.

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    Write a catchy introduction:

    Now, when you have gathered all the required information, you should grab a pen and paper and start writing. Recent studies show that a reader reviews just few lines to decide whether to continue or not. Make sure that your introduction is catchy enough to hook anyone. Use direct language, engage the reader and leave him wanting more in next paragraphs.

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    Unfold the story:

    Do not just play with words rather unfold the story as early as possible. The way you narrate a story is very important. You may add jokes when you feel that your expression is losing the grip. However, avoid obvious and old jokes otherwise you will lose the originality.

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    Do not be formal:

    A humour column is like a fun chat with the reader so avoid being too much formal. Use such language that makes every reader feels that you are talking to him.

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    Make sure people can relate:

    The most important thing is the relevancy. The best piece of writing is that comes from everybody’s life. Make sure that your reader can relate otherwise it will be simply a waste of time and energy.

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