How to Write a Response to Literature

Writing a response to a literature is a very hardworking job as it involves a lot of creative reading and analytical skills. You can’t write a response to any literature until or unless you have developed good reading and writing skills.

In order to write a response to a literature, you will have to read analyse all the characters, plot and story in it. In addition, you have to develop a good understanding about the overall social setting which has been portrayed by the author. You can take assistance from the given steps to write a response to a literature.


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    First of all, you have to read all the chapters very carefully. Prepare notes for each chapter and note down each and every detail in the text. You should underline the important words, phrases, sentences, passages and metaphors which have been used by the author. Furthermore, you have to pay special attention towards the particular thing on which the author has emphasised the most.

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    Study the characters which have discussed by the author in detail. You have to analyse the characters in terms of their relationship with the overall environment and social setting. The social setting can be based on politics, religion, science, economics or any other scenario. You should also try to understand the difference between the perceptions and expressions of the characters (their response towards the social setting).

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    After creating a good understanding about the author’s point of view by studying the plot, story and characters of the literature, you have to make an introductory line about the literature which should deliver its essence.

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    Then, you have to prepare a summary of the literature in which you will discuss everything briefly to give a good idea to the reader about it.

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    Body is the main part of the response. Therefore, you have to explain all the details of the literature concisely and comprehensively in this part. You have to discuss all the points made by the author according to your analysis.

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    In the end of the response, you will give your conclusion about the literature. In conclusion, you will sum up your analysis about the author’s work. You will end up your response by restating the ideas of the author and the points he has mentioned in his literature according to your study.

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