Unpaid Leave Letter

You’ve come to the  right place if you want to learn how to write an unpaid leave letter. The basics are the same for all leave letters, and you start with addressing the concerned department or your supervisor and then get to the point with your request.

The body of your letter should elaborate on the reason behind your request and why you need to take an unpaid leave from work. Dates when you will be absent must also be clearly stated along with the total number of days to avoid any misunderstandings later on.



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    You will also need to clarify the situation regarding your existing workload and assignments and how you plan to deal with them during the leave period.

    Finally you thank your supervisor for the time and seek his/her approval for your request before you sign off.

    Go through the tips given below and then look at the sample of an unpaid leave letter we have provided along with a template for your own use.

    Tips for Writing an Unpaid Leave Letter

    Keep it formal and concise.
    Double check the dates before submission.
    Use proper salutations.
    Start the letter with the main issue and facts.
    Justify your request but don't go into a lot of details.
    Thank your supervisor/boss for considering your request.


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    Sample of an Unpaid Leave Letter #1

    David Beckham
    123 London Ave, Los Angeles, California

    June 1, 2009

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    Bob Hope
    Area Manager North America
    ABC Widgets
    111 Profit St., Los Angeles, California

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    Subject: Unpaid Leave Request

    Dear Mr. Hope,

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    I must regretfully request a 2-week leave starting this Monday, June 15 to June 30. Since you know I recently moved from London to New York, I need to shift all my belongings here over that time period.

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    I am fully aware that my leave request does not comply with our company’s policy, but it is not possible for me to leave my belongings in the city any longer. Given the urgency of my situation I am inclined to request a leave without pay for the aforementioned duration.

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    There are several projects I am currently working on, and Christopher Hawkins, my team member, will be looking after my tasks in my absence. However, I will be reachable by phone and e-mail if someone needs to contact me urgently.

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    I hope you will favorably consider my leave application and allow me to take the time off to manage my affairs.

    (Your Signature)
    David Beckham

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    Unpaid Leave Letter Sample #2

    Bob Hope
    Area Manager North America

    David Beckham
    Assistant Manager

    June 1, 2009

  • 10

    Mr. Hope,

    I am writing to request an unpaid leave starting from Monday, June 15 to June 30. I have just returned from my annual leave and do not have any more off days left for this year. However, I urgently need to go out of state to tend to my sick mother.

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    I would like to request a leave without pay for the duration between June 15 and June 30. I am fully aware that my annual leaves are done and I can’t take any more days off. Unfortunately though, I need to go out of state to look after my sick mother.

  • 12

    I recommend that Christopher Hawkins to take over my role until I return. I will not be completely out of contact and you can reach me by phone at any time during my leave period.

  • 13

    I appreciate your cooperation in this matter.


    (Your Signature)
    David Beckham

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    Template of an Unpaid Leave Letter

    (Your Name)
    (Your Personal Mailing Address)
    (Your Personal Phone number)

    (Managers name)
    (Managers Position)
    (Company name)
    (Company Address)

  • 15

    Subject: (The overall reason of the letter)

    Dear (Manager's last name),

    I would like to request a leave for (number of days/weeks) starting (Date). I will need the days off to (Short reason for leave).

  • 16

    I understand that my requested leave will be against company policy because I have only joined the team 2 months ago. However, (Give a detailed description of the reason for your leave). I propose that I be given the time of as leave without pay.

  • 17

    I am working on several projects at the moment and (Name of staff member who will be covering your work), a member of my team, can easily take over my tasks. I will be available by (Communication methods you prefer) if anyone from team needs to contact me.

  • 18

    I would also like to take this chance to assure you that my output will not decline due to this leave. Thank you for your time.

    (Your Signature)
    (Your Name)

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