Kashmir Restaurant London

Kashmir Restaurant is a traditional Indian bistro that can be found on the Eastern side of London. This restaurant is quite famous among the visitors of Queen’s Market, and locals residing around it who love traditional Indian food. The menu of Kashmir Restaurant comprises of conventional Indian dishes that will take you far from London with their appetizing taste and authentic Indian spices and herbs. Since this venue is located not too far from the City of London therefore, it attracts lot of customers from the central part of the city as well. Moreover, there is no shortage of Indian food lovers in the capital of Great Britain so you wouldn’t find this establishment vacant at any hour of the day.

Contact: +44 20 8471 7116


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    Product and Services:

    - Indian Cuisine
    - Drinks

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    Operational Hours:

    The operational hours of Queen’s market and Kashmir Restaurant are quite the same as this eating place opens at 9:00 in the morning and closes around 18:00.

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    18 Queens Market, London Borough of Croydon, Greater London E13 9BA, United Kingdom

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    How to Get to Kashmir Restaurant at 18 Queen’s Market:

    By Tube

    Upton Park tube station can be found about 0.2 miles away from Kashmir Restaurant in 18 Queen’s Market, London. This distance can be covered if users of of the tube head south on Green Street/B167 towards Queen's Road, turn right onto Selsdon Road and then make another right turn in order to find the destination. view map

    By Bus

    Upton Park, Queens Market (E13) (Stop C) is the nearest bus stop to Kashmir Restaurant that is even more close than the Upton Park tube station, as the distance between the two points is close to 0.1 mile. All passengers of the bus need to do is to head south on Green Street/B167 towards Selsdon Road from Upton Park, Queens Market (E13) (Stop C) and turn right onto Selsdon Road. Then, take another right turn and continue on that passage to find Kashmir Restaurant in the market straight ahead.

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