Labor Contracts & Employment Laws in Dubai

A labor contract prepared in Dubai is quite confusing; very less people can understand and memorize the clauses because there is a lot of paper work involved in it. It is important to memorize the information present in the contract letter in order to remain on the safe side.

The labor contract has to be printed out in X3 so that it can be distributed to various other sources. People who are settled in Dubai via Employment or a Labor Contract they have several questions in their mind; in order to find a solution to those hindering questions the guide below will act as a great help.


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    UAE Citizens Vs Foreigners

    UAE Labour law for foreigners is almost same as it's for UAE nationals, however, there are few visa/immigration policies that bring the difference.

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    Limited and Unlimited contracts

    There are two types of contracts, limited and unlimited. The unlimited contract can be renewed and with such contract the company might offer you with several benefits that might include residency facility. On the other hand the limited contract is for a particular period. The renewal of such contract is not guaranteed.

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    Age Limits
    According to UAE labour law, maximum age for a local or foreign worker must not be more than 65 years. 18 years is the minimum age to get work permit, however, in some industries the minimum age is 13 years.

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    Part time Work Permits for Foreigners

    Foreign students in UAE universities and colleges can legally get part-time work permit under certain conditions, i.e. by applying for a part-time work permit from the UAE Ministry of Labour (MOL).

    Part time work permit can also be obtained by full time working expatriates having valid labour card and wives sponsored by husbands in UAE.

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    Probation Period:

    From 3 to 6 month the probationary period runs. Your employer might dismiss you if he/she is not satisfied with your work or performance. Employees on probation are not granted with sick time. When the probation period ends you are then evaluated and confirmed on the basis of your performance.

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    Minimum Salary

    Although there’s no specific amount set as minimum salary by the UAE government, some reports claim it to be AED 5,000. You might be interested in knowing details about Salary Scales, Top Paying Jobs and Best Employers in Dubai.

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    Termination of Labor contract

    Question related to termination is mostly asked by people who are residing in Dubai, on the basis of employment or labor contract. There are several reasons why you might get terminated; it can be due to your absentees, false information in your documents, if you have assaulted someone physically at the job, or found under the influence of alcohol.

    In other case, you might want to terminate the contract by your own. Make sure before you sign your contract paper get it translated and read it thoroughly.

    Employer has to pay 3 months’ salary to an employee on a fixed term contract if fired without good reason while if employee does not complete a contract and doesn’t serve the notice period owes the employer 1.5 months’ salary.

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