Labor Day Classroom Activities for Kids

Each year Labor Day is usually celebrated on the first Monday of September in most countries of the world. The day honors the hard work of individuals who are true to their profession. The day and the underlying themes behind it can be a great learning source for children at school. Activities on this day can help build empathy for the working class and develop an understanding of work ethics and standards. Most kids usually do not understand what Labor Day is and why it is celebrated. These activities will help kids understand the importance of Labor Day.


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    Profession search:

    Assign each child a profession. Now work with them in finding information about this profession and what duties are expected of a worker in this particular profession. Ask the kids to note down this information on a sheet of paper. Paste a picture of a person doing that work so that there is a visual representation the kids can relate to. Make the children share the information with each other. This way they will develop knowledge of different professions and the hard work needed.

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    Parent careers:

    Invite parents of the children to come to school and share information about their careers. It will give the children a sense of pride and information when they listen to the work their parents do. Parents will have to use simple language when describing their profession so that the kids can understand them easily.

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    Good work badge:

    Ask the children to make good work badges using paper and ribbons. Assist them in cutting out the paper in round or star shape. Now colour the shapes and attach ribbons. Give each kid two of the badges and ask them to give it to the two hard working people they know. Encourage them to take pictures of those people if possible. Write a note to the parents to assist them.

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    Role play:

    Assign a profession to each child and ask them to dress up in their uniform like doctor, chef, teacher etc. You can also let them select their own favorite profession. Now create a play that includes a role for each of them so that they realize the responsibilities that are expected of them. Make sure that each child has selected from a wide range of professions so that the major ones are properly covered. It is important to teach the kids about all different workers and jobs that you do while you have them do role playing activities.

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