Learning How to Drive in England

The basic rules of driving are the same world over. There are however some variations which are dictated by the local conditions. Driving in England is similar to driving in any other part of Europe or in US. There is, however, one small difference which is the cars are on the left side of the road.

If you are travelling to England and intend to drive a car, a little bit of the learning of the local conditions may not be a bad idea. It is not a tough ask and you can certainly get in full flow in no time.


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    Read the Rules Book

    Read the rule book to make sure that you are aware of the local requirements, which vary from the universal laws. There are certain rules in Britain such as overtaking and use of beams that may differ from some areas, so make sure that you know about them.

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    Practice Driving on the Left

    Driving is done on the left side of the road and if you are coming from a place where you drive on the right hand side, it can be a touch hard. The steering wheel for this reason is on the right hand side. Just keep one simple rule in mind that you should always have the opposite traffic coming from at the right hand side. Start driving on less busy roads in the start.

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    Learn the Lingo

    The terms used in Britain are different from those used in US in many cases. The hood becomes a bonnet, trunk becomes the boot, freeways are motorways and so on. Knowing the basic terms can help you avoid a lot of confusion and wastage of time.

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    Take Some Lessons

    If you are going to be in England for a while and may need to drive a lot, it is not a bad idea to take some driving lessons. These will cost you a couple hundred pounds but an instructor can certainly guide you and help you overcome the small hiccups you may have initially. This is the best way of learning to drive in England without any real fear of indulging into some kind of a blunder.

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    Take Your Time

    Take your time and try not to get a hold of everything in one day. It will take its due time like anywhere else in the world. Once you start taking it easy, you should be able to learn much quicker.

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