Letter of Recommendation from Employer

The letter of recommendation from a previous employer is critical for the prospective employment opportunities. The letter should confirm the credibility of the employee, and should aptly describe his skills and strong points. The content inside the letter is situation dependant and would differ according to the nature of employment. These letters are generally secret and the content is not even shown to the candidate. These letters can also be directed towards universities for application in graduate programs.

Normally your previous employer would not know the name of the prospective boss, so the letter begins with ‘to whom it may concern’. That would change in case of university recommendation letters.

In the first paragraph, briefly describe the experience gained by the individual you are recommending, and follow it by describing his qualities in the second paragraph.


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    Sample of recommendation letter from previous employer

    To whom it may concern:

    As the chief mechanical engineering officer onboard HMS Alpha, I Adrian Smith, highly recommend James Shaw for the post of a diesel generator supervisor. The candidate has a vast experience in dealing with the diesel driven generators and knows all the basics of operating the machine independently. Shaw had been a part of our organization for two years. During that tenure, he participated in a number of machinery breakdown drills regarding these generators.

    Shaw has always been the one to take initiative. He is punctual, responsible, a prompt decision maker and reliable. He was an asset for us and will be for anyone who hires his services.



    Adrian Smith
    Chief mechanical engineering, HMS Alpha
    9th January, 2013

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    Template for recommendation letter from previous employer

    [Full Name]
    [University Name]
    [City, State, Zip Code]

    Dear [Mr. /Ms. Last Name]:

    I am writing to you to plead the case of [Mr. /Ms. Full Name] who has requested me to write a recommendation on his/her behalf. I have supervised [First Name] for the last four years and have always found him very receptive, honest and respectful. Before applying for your prestigious organization, [First Name] came to me for consultation and I strongly think that this opportunity will go a long way in enhancing his education and skill level.

    [First Name] has always been a good student and his transcript is a mere proof of that fact. He is a keen learner, and never fails to take initiative. He worked with me on a project in his fifth semester and I am convinced after that, that he has the ability to relate his knowledge to the practical aspect of things.

    I have every confidence that given an opportunity; [First Name] will be an asset for your university.



    [Professor’s Name]

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