List of British Restaurants in London

London residents should all be very familiar with British cuisine because it is probably what they grew up with at home. As time progresses, many individuals leave their parents house and move out on their own. After their parents, the one thing that most people miss is the home cooked meals. If you are looking for a uniquely British restaurant in London to help you get rid of home-sickness then you are in luck because London has probably the best British restaurants in UK. They bring together all aspects of the cuisine and offer great drinks to heighten the taste of the food. Here is a list of British restaurants in London that will help you satisfy your craving for kippers or fish and chips.


  • 1

    Simpsons In the Strand, presents the true taste of British cuisine made by Gerry Rae, who has a good reputation in the restaurant industry, espcially for his roasted lamb and beef.

  • 2

    Butler Wharf Chop-House, serves the delicious British food in a very British environment. Restaurant presents the view of stunning river on the right and spectacular view of Tower Bridge.

  • 3

    Mews of Mayfair, is a four floor restaurant serves cocktail bar, and private dinning room in the heart of mayfair.

  • 4

    Crusting Pipe, serves the traditional wine and British food in the heart of co vent Garden Market for 30 years. Live classical music and Opera performances every day in the courtyard.

  • 5

    Canteen Baker Street, is a chain of British restaurants based from London. They presents British food made in with national essence, and delicacies.

  • 6

    Hyatts, offers wide range of British seasonal dishes in a surrounding environment of spectacular garden views.

  • 7

    Scott’s is a seafood restaurant offering the finest, responsibly sourced, oysters, fish and crustacean along with skilfully made in British sauces. The Private Room can host dinners for up to 42 people.

  • 8

    Hawksmoor Seven Dial, is a British steak house and cock tail bar and offer some of the best made British food.

  • 9

    The Mercer, serves British food and also presents breakfast, lunch and dinner. They also provide a space for up to 40 guests for the private dinning.

  • 10

    Garfunkel's, is a recognised name in British cuisine offering some of the best british foods since 1979. Garfunkel’s have a space for more than 200 people in its hall besides private dinning.

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