List of Fraud Lawyers in London

Fraud can happen to anyone, anywhere. London is no different in this case, as several fraud cases take place each day. However, now individuals, corporate companies and government entities have the assistance of fraud lawyers, which help them track down the fraudsters. Still victims of fraud should be careful in selecting the right fraud lawyer as presenting such a case is one of the most difficult law practices. A slight ignorance or mistake by fraud lawyer can take the case away from the victim. Thus, before hiring a fraud lawyer, make sure that he or she is competent enough to present your case in the best way. Here is a list of fraud lawyers in London that can help you recover your possessions.


  • 1

    PCB Litigation LLP, lawyers specialises in corporate fraud. Their team is ready to take any high level challenge.

  • 2

    Peters & Peters Solicitors LLP, is one of the top law firms of UK that deals in corporate fraud, commercial court cases and compliance.

  • 3

    Hylton Potts Legal Consultants, is one of the highest ranked London law firms that is a member of International, federal and New York Bar Association.

  • 4

    Old Bailey Solicitors, deals in fraud, criminal and other cases to provide strong defence in such litigation as they are specializes in this type of practices.

  • 5

    McKenzies Solicitors, is well established and recognized law firm that provides all services including fraud cases.

  • 6

    Whitelock Storr Solicitors, is an emerging firm of lawyers that are specialist in dealing fraud letigations.

  • 7

    Lansbury Worthington Solicitors, offer services in serious frauds and business crime apart from other law practices.

  • 8

    Alexander Johnson Solicitors, deals in fraud, VAT offences, money laundering deception, financial services authority prosecutions, Possession and many other.

  • 9

    H.P. Gower Solicitors, is offering independent, practical and expert advice relating to all litigations including serious fraud cases.

  • 10

    Bankside Property Solicitors, has expert fraud lawyers and regulatory solicitors who are specialised in advising and defending the interests of individuals.

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