List of Free Skating Places in London

Skating is one of those sports which is mostly played in almost all parts of Europe and it is also one of the expensive sports as the skating equipment costs much. Some people do manage to buy their skating equipment but another problem is that most of the skating clubs charge a very high membership fee or per hour charges, and this make it even more expensive. Apart from these paid skating clubs, there are some clubs offering free skating opportunities for skating lovers. The only issue is that they do not open seven days a week and they have designated days for free skating opportunities, and also a very limited number of spaces per event so if you wish to attend one of such events then try to go there early.  Following is the step by step list of three of such type of free skating clubs operating in London.


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    Easy Peasy Skate

    Easy Peasy skates organise a free skating event on Saturdays at 10:30 AM in Battersea Park London. In case you intend to take part in free skating, you will need to have the proper gear to keep yourself safe and make the experience enjoyable. They will also deliver you an introductory workshop before starting the skating.

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    Sunday Stroll

    Sunday Stroll is another free skate event organiser club. They meet in Hyde Park every Sunday at 2 pm and allow a 2 hour free skating experience.

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    London Friday Night Skate

    The London Friday night Skate is another event organised by the organisers of Sunday Stroll. They meet up in Hyde Park every Friday at 8 pm. The skating route is around 10 to 15 miles on the streets of London. The event is well organised and is very popular and event stewards remain with the participants for their health and safety.

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