List of Personal Injury Lawyers in London

There are many risks involve with owning property in London. Fire, theft and water damage all pose threats to your property. That is why having a good property insurance to cover your risks is a good idea. Sometimes, these insurance firms do not live up to their commitments and that is when you need services of a property insurance lawyers.  Property Insurance lawyer can handle your major property insurance related problems like damages occurred in fire, floods and also in theft. If you need these services then go ahead and check out our step by step list of property insurance lawyers in London that should help you in finding the best lawyer.


  • 1

    Arc Property Solicitors, is an award winning firm that deal provide comprehensive range of property services including property insurance.

  • 2

    Evant Bresley Williams Solicitors, has specialised lawyers to deal in commercial and residential property, Landlord and Tenant and other property insurance services.

  • 3

    Blueprint Property Lawyers, has qualified and experinced lawyers in the field of property insurance. They offer personal services at a competitive price and also provide eagle eye case tracking on the website.

  • 4

    Lass Salt Garvin, is a commercial firm of property lawyers who are specialized in the field of property insurance. The firm provides its advice services both in private and commercial clients.

  • 5

    Bankside Property Solicitors, offers their services in comprehensive range of property transactions including property insurance. We also have extensive experience of dealing with Purchases and sales through social housing schemes and their insurance.

  • 6

    A. L. Hughes & Co, is a small firm of property solicitors, founded in 1950 and since then has managed to entered their names in the field of property.

  • 7

    Khalique Kingsley Solicitors, is a leading commercial law firm advising in property related matters to Londoners. With their specialist property solicitors, the company has served major housing schemes and individuals in getting insurance.

  • 8

    Housing & Property Law Partnership, is a law firm offering services in all fields of property related issues. They make your property safe with the best insurance.

  • 9

    Evergreen Solicitors, is a property law firm based in the heart of the City of London’s square mile and act for a range of private clients including high net worth individuals, companies and business owners.

  • 10

    Brown Jacobson Solicitors, is a law firm based in London, Nottingham and Birmingham and is a full service law firm with a specialised team in property insurance.

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