List of Successful Female Entrepreneur

You must have heard the phrase that it is a man’s world and they have the right to dominate every field of life. Women are just taken for granted but that’s not right. Every guy that has succeeded in his life has at least one woman at her back, praying for her, making her food, taking care for her clothes, addressing her to the right and wrong paths and motivating her to do the best. Well, it is still the old story that woman are behind the successful men, they are not stepping up the game and becoming the leads themselves. They were bound to be the leading characters of the modern era because the world of men was becoming just too conceited that it was raging wars amongst countries that were supposed to be the closest allies at one stage. It is every person fighting for their own self-esteem at the moment and that is why woman have taken the lead to prove their worth in the corporate world. They have met the likes of their great counterparts and stood side-by-side in bringing some harmony amongst the lifestyle of the people across the globe.

Entrepreneurs that have rocked the world of business with their supreme inventions include woman as well and the best five of them will be discussed below.


  • 1

    Melinda Gates

    Bill Gates is her husband and he is responsible for the wealth they have generated over the years but she is the mastermind in framing a proposal for co-founding a charitable organisation that is constructed with the money of her husband. This couple has distributed $27 billion in charity.

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    Indra Nooyi

    She might have been born in such a country that is alleged to be the male dominated society in the world, India, but she refuse to bow down to the cultural restrictions and has sat amongst the elite body of multiple multinational organisations in the world, currently the Chairwoman and the Chief Executive Officer of Pepsico.

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    Angela Merkel

    She wrote the history of the Germans by becoming the first ever female leader to take control of the country.

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    Oprah Winfrey

    Despite claims against black woman, the second most successful female in the world is Oprah who has accumulated $2.7 billion in wealth courtesy to her Television Show that features personalities from all regions of the society.

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  • 5

    Cher Wang

    HTC Smartphones yielded almost $6.8 billion to the inventor Wang who is considered to be the most successful woman on earth.

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