List of Top Hairstyling Ideas for Women

Whatever we do with our hair reflects directly on our personality. Therefore, hairstyling is quite an important part of our appearance. If you don’t know how to style your hair today, we are giving you a list of top 10 women hairstyles ever.


  • 1

    Glamorous Ponytail

    The glamorous ponytail is never going to go out of fashion. If you need to look stylish and up-to-date, you should most definitely opt for the glamorous ponytail hairstyle. You can make this hairstyle not only during casual meetings, but also while you are out at work.

  • 2

    Choppy Hair for Punk Lovers

    These types of hairstyles are extremely famous in the global punk community. If you believe you are a person who enjoys punk music and loves to dress like a chic, then you should definitely go for the choppy hairstyle.

  • 3

    Soft Waves

    This hairstyle is perfect for women who dream about having flawlessly scruffy hair. It’s true that you can’t keep the soft waves on forever, but this style is quite common in a lot of parties.

  • 4

    Bantu Knots

    In the past, Bantu knots were quite famous as the African style of hair. However, things have changed a lot now. People tend to go for the Bantu knots because they look absolutely fabulous.

  • 5

    Flowing Waves

    Flowing waves is the first step towards getting a curly hair look. If you are a person with straight hair and always craved those thick looking curls, flowing waves is probably the thing you are looking for.

  • 6

    Ponytail with Hair Extensions

    Ponytail with hair extensions is probably the most old school look ever. If you are troubled with hair on your forehead and simply want to get rid of them for a little while, opt for this hairstyle.

  • 7

    Hair Updos

    Some women want to tie their hair up because they hate it when they touch their neck. There are two ways to get rid of hair falling on your neck: either you chop them down, or opt for a hair updo.

  • 8

    Side Swept Bun

    The side swept bun is not so common in women who work day and night, but it is probably the most comfortable hairstyle for ladies who are at home throughout the day.

  • 9

    Half Up Half Down

    This hairstyle will help you keep a double look. How is that possible? You hair from the top can be straight while the one hanging down can be curly. You get to keep both sides of things.

  • 10

    Popular Cornrows Hairstyle

    This hairstyle has always been famous in Africa. You tie certain knots throughout your hair and then braid them in such a way that your scalp is visible. This hairstyle is quite unique and it’s true that not everyone can pull it off.

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