L’usitana Patisseria Restaurant London

L’usitana Patisseria is a small cafe located in Kennington. This intimate venue serves coffee, tea, patisserie and other English specialties. The cafe is usually packed with customers on weekends when residents are visiting the nearby Kennington Park or watching a cricket match at the Oval. In most cases, individuals choose to grab a delicious pastry and a hot cup of coffee from the cafe. However, for customers that want something more, there are also sandwiches and other drinks available. The married couple that are the owners of this little cafe try to offer personal services to their clients and are always willing to say hello and talk for a while. This is probably one of the reasons of its success, and why customers want to come again. After all, who doesn’t like a good rapport with the management of their favorite cafe? Besides, the clients also feel at-home and enjoy the hospitable environment that is ensured not only by the owners, but staff as well.

Contact:  +44 20 7735 2900


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    Products & Services

    - Open for business during lunch and dinner
    -Tea and Coffee
    -Hot and Cold snacks
    -Cold drinks

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    L'usitana Patisseria Location

    328 Kennington Park Rd, London, Greater London SE11 4PP, United Kingdom.

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    L'usitana Pattisseria Operational Hours:

    The restaurant is open from 10 am to 9 pm.

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    How to Get to L'usitana Patisseria

    One of the main advantages of the cafe is that it is located close to several tourist attractions and public transport stops. Commuters can easily access the area by tube or bus.

    By Tube:

    The cafe is located only 200 feet away from the Oval tube station. Customers can get off the underground and head Southwest on Kennington Park Road. The venue will appear on the right. View Map.

    By Bus:

    Oval (Stop Q) is only a few feet away from the cafe. Customers can use bus numbers 155, 333 and N155.

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