Magazine Subscription Cancellation Letter

If you are going out for long vacations, it is not a good idea to leave the home without unsubscribing your magazines. Similarly, if you need a magazine only for a limited period of time, you should unsubscribe it after getting the required help.

One way to do this is to send an email to the magazine administration. The email address, usually written on the magazine, is not of the concerned department and as a result, it takes plenty of time to get the required result. The general info department might take plenty of time to forward the request to the distribution/customer care department, which actually sends you the copy.

Therefore, writing a letter is probably the best way to avoid any mess. It will take less time than making a call. Meanwhile, it is not a difficult thing to do. Here, we discuss how to write a letter to unsubscribe the magazine.

Scroll down and learn how to write a magazine subscription cancellation letter.

Tips to write Magazine Subscription Cancellation Letter

  • Be concise
  • Maintain a formal and professional tone
  • Be mindful of grammar and spelling mistakes


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    Sample Magazine Subscription Cancellation Letter

    Mr. John Smith
    P.O. Box#673 570
    Fantastic Publications
    East London, England

    September 16, 2012

    Dear Mr.  Smith,

    I write this letter to notify that I want to unsubscribe magazine ‘Technology Time’ from this month. I recently lost my job and I am no longer in a financial position to pay bills for this. Therefore, I want to unsubscribe the magazine with the immediate effect, from start of next month.

    I always enjoyed reading your magazine. I had been getting it for last six months and it gave me great stuff to read about the latest developments in the field of technology. I hope to renew it, when I get a new job.

    Thank you.


    Lewis Tom
    64 Down Street, west London, England

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    Template Magazine Subscription Cancellation Letter

    Name of the head of Customer Care Department (If available)
    Company Name
    Complete Address


    Dear ( Name of the head of Customer Care Department ),

    This letter is written to unsubscribe the magazine (name of magazine) from this month (name). I had been receiving your magazine for last many months (exact duration) and found it very interesting. I am taking this initiative due to (explain the reason)

    It surely gave plenty of helpful stuff to read about (nature of the magazine). I am hoping to re-subscribe it as soon as I solve the issue (if unsubscribing due to some problem). Please take initiative on my request with the immediate effect.

    Thank you.


    Your Name
    Your Address

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