Medical Museums in London

If you ever came across a word “London” then you must have heard about its museums and art galleries featuring a huge variety of historical items related to science, arts culture. The city offers something for everyone. If you are wondering what it offers you? as you are a doctor, physician science person or just medical lover. Then to answer your question we are going to provide you a list of fascinating medical museums in London including world renowned The Anaesthesia Museum and The British Dental Association Museum. Follow our step by step guide below to know more about Medical Museums in London.


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    The Anaesthesia Heritage Centre

    This is an unusual Anaesthesia Museum (Heritage Centre) featuring more than 2000 Anaesthesia related items. The items are dated back up to 1774. The items also show the story of development this field has seen from the beginning.

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    British Dental Association Museum

    The British Dental Association Museum holds a huge range of items related to social history and the development of dentistry in UK and Europe. The entry in Museum is free for all.

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    Hunterian Museum

    The Hunterian Museum is located in grand Royal College of Surgeons and it holds the collections related to famous surgeon John Hunter. The collections include different pickled creatures in containers and body part of soldiers who fought in the Waterloo Battle. There are some other sections in the Museums featuring the expected future developments in the field of surgery.

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    Museum of St Bart's Hospital

    Museum of St Bart's Hospital uses interactive demonstrations to show the history of St Bart's Hospital. The interactive shows can take the visitors back to 13th century and it also includes some of the famous cases of that time.

  • 5

    Old Operating Theatre Museum

    The Old Operating Theatre Museum is a real old museum that features a setup of nineteenth century operating theatres. The museum also features demonstration of surgical techniques used at that time.

  • 6

    Wellcome Collection

    Wellcome Collection is a place for most curious minds. The place holds a great collection of items that are used to demonstrate the meaning of being human. The collection includes a variety of bizarre items ranging from mummified human bodies to robots used for human genomes.

  • 7

    National Museum of Science

    Science Museum has got everything related to science, engineering and medical. This place holds one of the largest collection of science related items and it is a must to go place for everyone. The Museum offers free entry and is worth throwing a visit.

  • 8

    The Museum at the Royal Institution

    The Museum at the Royal institution is located at a place which was the home for some of the greatest thinkers of all time and now it holds some of the artefacts that were used in world renowned scientific and medical experiments.

  • 9

    Florence Nightingale Museum

    Florence Nightingale Museum is the place to let you go through the life and journey of the lady with the lamp, the legendary Florence Nightingale. The museum holds most of the collections related to her life including her medical chest which holds her powdered rhubab herbal remedies.

  • 10

    Kirkaldy Testing Museum

    Kirkaldy Testing Museum is a place for curious minds who have love for science and machines. The Museum holds a collection of experiment machines used during science and engineering experiments.

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