My Biggest New Year’s Resolution for 2009: Take Better Care of the Planet

I’m not big on New Year’s Resolutions mainly because I feel like, if something is that important to me, I will do it without needing a cute little “vow” to remind me to do it. Any one of us can start fresh at any time. We shouldn’t need the guise of the “new year” just to make things better.

However, there is one thing that has been on my mind a lot that I’d like to do a better job with in the coming year. I want to leave the planet in better condition than I found it in. Here are five ways I will make this resolution happen.

Recycle More

In my city, you can request a recycle bin to set out along with the trash for collection each week. Somehow, I have either been too lazy or thought I was just too busy to call and request this recycle bin. Once it arrives, it will not be difficult to stick to the recycling plan. I don’t even have to sort the items out from one another. I just have to put my items that can be recycled into the bin. I can even buy my own bin and write “Recycle” on it so I can add even more recyclable items.

Make use of Reusable Shopping Bags

I have a couple of them, but sometimes, I forget to take them in with me. It doesn’t help out a whole lot if I forget to use the bags. So, I am going to buy extras and leave them in the car so I will never be without my reusable shopping bags.

Waste Less

We certainly know how to cook and eat in our household, but we sometimes buy too many groceries, especially fresh vegetables. I will buy less perishable goods at a time so I will be less apt to waste them. I will still buy fresh produce, just in less bulk. I will only buy more when I need it around the house. my ip address By paying more attention to what we’re actually using, I will spend less money, waste less food, and produce less waste for the planet to deal with.

Make use of Natural Light

I am usually pretty good about turning off lights and appliances when I leave the room, but I do know that this is an area where even I can improve. I like to open the windows to let in natural light so I don’t have to waste electricity and light bulbs. I will make more use of natural light and I will shut off the man-made lights when I am not using them.

Use my own Drinking Glass at Work

Most people in my office go through loads and loads of paper or Styrofoam cups every day to enjoy their glasses of water or cups of coffee. I will make use of my own reusable coffee mug and reusable water glass so I don’t waste glasses that can only be used a couple of times.

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