National Honesty Day Overview

Today, in the world full of deceitful and perfidious people, where trusting and having faith on others has become the most agonizing act. People are now very much comfortable in telling lies, losing someone’s trust, to be dishonest at each possible instance and causing harm to others to pursue self-interest or just for the sake of so called fun. 30th April, National Honesty Day is a marvelous step to encourage truth and honesty among people and enlightening the real need of the society. This day lets everyone to come out of their fake coats and be honest to everyone and speak all what was hidden. National Honesty Day reminds all of us that it’s not the strategic policies and manipulative customs that would bring welfare in the society but it’s the honesty of each one of us towards our duties and relations that would really bring a change. This guide on National Honesty Day will provide you with sufficient information about the history and importance of this glorious day.


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    History of National Honesty day

    The foundations of this day were laid by M. Hirsh Goldberg in 1990s. He was the former press secretary to the governor of Maryland and the writer of several books. After thorough research about the Lies that resulted in historic destructions, Goldberg wrote “The Book of Lies”. He got motivated to encourage honesty among people and established the National Honesty Day. He decided to celebrate this day on national level in the month of April as this month starts from the celebration of falsehood on 1st April as April Fools Day, so he made this month to end on virtuous celebrations of truth and honesty.

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    Importance of National Honesty Day

    The need of ethical values in our present society is obvious and understandable. We all know how common bluffing and fraudulent activities have become at every level, whether education, commercial, political or individual. This day conveys a virtuous message of spreading what is right and hold back what is wrong. It helps to teach our younger generations that no matter how advanced human beings get, they should always hold tight the values of honesty and truthfulness that has been prevailed and preserved throughout ages. National Honesty day is and will play its role to preserve the essence of such moral values and to fulfill the basic psychological and moral need of each individual in the society. Although the event is for a single day but its effect on the one who celebrates it, remains for as long as he possess the sense of righteousness.

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    Celebrating National Honesty Day

    The best way to celebrate the National Honesty Day is to simply be honest to everyone in your surroundings. However, you can read about several other interesting ways to celebrate National Honesty day here.

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