Pigs-in-a-blanket Day Overview

Like many other special days in a year, April 24 has something to be cheer about particularly for the food lovers as it is Pigs in a Blanket Day. Considering the fact that the food lovers always look for a reason to eat and enjoy, they have every reason to enjoy themselves on April 24. In case if there is someone who does not know much about Pigs in a blanket, it is basically a dish made with hot dogs or sausages rolled in biscuit or croissant dough. They are then baked in oven for some time. Nevertheless, celebrating April 24 as Pigs in a blanket Day differs from one country to another. It is celebrated in United States, United Kingdom, Denmark, Australia, Ireland, Israel, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia, Canada, and Japan. However, the way of making sausage rolls can be different. This simple guide contains useful information about this unique day, describing the history, significance, and idea to celebrate it.


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    History and Origin

    There is not much given about the origin of Pigs in a blanket Day. However, the reason why this day got its interesting name is that, this dish resembles or depicts Mangalitza pigs, which in appearance are very much like big fat sheep. They seem as perhaps they have been wrapped in a blanket. Hence, Pigs in a blanket involves wrapping sausages in croissant dough to give it the same look. It is believed that the day may have originated from a restaurant breakfast promotion.

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    Significance of the Day

    Pig in a Blanket Day is observed to highlight a special sausage that is uniquely wrapped in a pancake. For some reasons, someone declared this sausage as a very special treat for various reasons that remain a mystery. Observing this day just means that sometimes a simple sausage can prove to be a big treat for someone.

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    Celebrating Pigs in a Blanket Day

    If you are one among those, who always look for a reason to eat, then be prepared to celebrate Pigs in a Blanket Day. Enjoy some great time with your family and friends on this occasion.

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