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When it comes to excel in a profession, academic qualification alone cannot help; rather you need to have required skills developed. Professional training in this context is of utmost importance as this is one of the best ways for development of skills as well as professional knowledge acquisition. Professional training courses provide a foundation for the start or growth of one’s professional life. London has several professional training centres that offer numerous courses and workshops which are highly beneficial for professional advancement and growth in one’s career.

From financial management to jewelry designing; one can have all sorts of courses that London has to offer. If you think you are at a stage where a professional training course might help you then you can easily get a training course from any of the listed centres.


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    K&A Security Ltd.

    K&A Security Ltd. offers many training courses for security and security related services. The courses offered by K&A Security Ltd. include door supervisor, security guard, emergency first aid at work, close protection and ship security officer.

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    Awe Consultancy

    Awe Consultancy offers specialist training programs for a database software called “filemaker”. The instructors of the company possess extensive knowledge of the filemaker software and provide the students with a comprehensive overview and understanding of the software.

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    London Jewellery School

    London Jewellery School is London’s biggest independent jewellery training centre offering more than one hundred classes and employing about 20 tutors. The certificates and diplomas offered by London Jewellery School provide tremendous professional value to the participants or students.

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    Speak first

    Speak first is a professional training centre that offers a long list of courses by employing trainers who have hands-on experience on the relevant subjects. The courses/trainings help participants learn a great deal and acquire the ability to implement the skills when required.

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    Reed Learning

    Reed Learning provides courses in Accountancy & Tax, Civil Engineering, Customer Service, Finance, Google courses, Environmental, Health & Safety, HR & Training, IT & Computing, Learning & Development, Legal, Management, Marketing & PR, PA & Secretarial, Personal Development, Project Management, Purchasing & Procurement and Sales courses through its experienced instructors.

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    Professional Language Solutions

    Professional Language Solutions possesses great experience in providing language training courses on all major languages. The courses are either individual-specific or organization-specific. The institute also provides trainings on inter-cultural and communication skills.

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    Photoion Photography School

    Photoion Photography School provides several photography training workshops developed for beginners and intermediate learners of photography. The workshops aim to impart high quality trainings to enhance an individual's photography.

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    Firebrand Training specializes in teaching professional computer courses encompassing Autodesk, BCI, Cisco, CIW, Google, Information Mapping, Microsoft, Linux, ISO 27001, ISACA, Novell, Oracle, Six Sigma, SAP, PMI, and other programs.

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    Kaplan Hawksmere

    Kaplan Hawksmere provides various trainings ranging from topics of Law to Business Management. The financial trainings provided by Kaplan include financial reporting, financial markets, tax and VAT and corporate management.

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    The Actors Centre

    The Actors Centre provides professional trainings to actors who feel a training can help them improve and elicit the best of their craft. The tutors of Actors Centre have a great grasp on teaching this fine art to their students.

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    NobleProg brings specialized training courses in the areas of Biology, Biotechnology, Financial training, Artificial Intelligence, Programming, Computer, Version Control Systems and Management. Various reputable enterprises are the clients of NobleProg.

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    The PR Training Centre

    The PR Training Centre provides one day classes and workshops in Public Relations, Marketing and Web Marketing and Creative Writing. The courses fully engage the participants and focus on bringing a practical approach useful for the participants.

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    Astute Minds

    Astute Minds is another renowned name in the list of professional training providers. The courses offered by Astute Minds are categorized into IT qualifications (both accredited and non-accredited), Accountancy courses, Business, Emergency first aid, Security, Risk assessment and Food Safety.

  • 14

    OLCI Construction

    OLCI Construction Training offers courses like plumbing courses, gas works, electrical works, tiling and bricklayering etc. These courses aim at giving hands on trainings focused to impart the participants with technical skill required for the job. The industry recognized trainings and purpose-built centres provide great value to the participants that undergo trainings at OLCI Construction.

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    Dale Carnegie Training

    Dale Carnegie established in 1912 and now has its presence in 80 countries around the globe. The idea is to imrpove the employees' performance by training them so they can help improve the performance of their companies. Dale Carnegie Training offers courses on subjects like Change Management, Customer Service, Effective Communication and Interpersonal Skills, Leadership and Organisational Development.

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