Promotion Announcement Email

Promotion Announcement Email is an official correspondence which details the promotion of an employee already within the company and the main reasons behind it. This email is usually written by the Human Resource Manager of a company.

In the opening paragraph of the main body, briefly announce the promotion, including new position title, effective date, and reporting line.

In the second paragraph, highlight some of the past accomplishments of the employee that led to his/her promotion.

In the third paragraph of the email, outline the new responsibilities and duties of the promoted employee so other employees in the department will know how their tasks related to those of him/her.

Before you end the letter, it is important that you congratulate the employee and wish him/her best of luck.

You will then add your full name, job title and any other pieces of information that you need to add to the email.


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    Sample of Promotion Announcement Email

    To: All Employees
    Subject: Promotion of Mr. John Robert to Business Development Manager

    Dear All,

    We are pleased to announce the promotion of Mr. John Robert to the position of Business Development Manager, effective May 7, 2013. In this new position, Robert will be reporting directly to Chief Executive Officer of XYZ Private Limited.

    Robert has been with us for the past 12 years, bringing to the position a wide range of impressive experience in the marketing industry. During this tenure, he has also held the positions of senior sales manager and marketing executive. He is known for his ability to be a perfect team player and overcome problems during challenging times.

    Robert’s new responsibilities will be focused on the coordination, development and implementation of processes necessary to ensure the successful launch of XYZ Private Limited’s products in the market. Primary directives will be to monitor and manage the movement of products and maintain a high level of quality control standards for the company.

    Congratulations Robert! We anticipate many more successes in your new position.


    Andres Mason
    Human Resource Manager
    XYZ Private Limited
    123 North East Lane
    Alpharetta, GA 3456
    (770) 1223-89494 (Office)
    (770) 4826-28496 (Fax)

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    Template of Promotion Announcement Email

    To: [Email ID of the promotee, employee who has been promoted]
    Cc: [Email IDs of the employees who are important to informed about the promotion]
    Subject: Announcing Promotion of [Write name of the employee who has been promoted]

    Dear [Name of the Recipient/Promotee],

    It is great pleasure to inform you that you have been promoted to the position of [write the name of new position of the employee], effective [write down the effective date]. In this new position, [name of the promotee] will be reporting directly to [name of the concerned employee to whom the promotee has to report].

    This promotion is in recognition of excellent work you have done for [name of the organization]. The management is very confident that you will get into the thick of things quickly and learn the ropes of your new position to contribute to your department’s effectiveness and thus, the company’s growth.

    In this new position, you will be [mention all the new responsibilities and duties of the promoted employee].

    Congratulations on your achievement and wish you all the very best in coming years.

    Best Regards,

    [Sender’s Full Name]
    [Sender official signature]
    [Company Name]
    [Company Address and Contact Information]

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