Response to Condolence Email

A response to a condolence email is the way to say thanks to those who showed their love during your time of loss. It is important to show that their heartfelt words really helped you to come out of this tragic incident. A response to condolence email shows that you are back to normal life but still you cannot address them in a casual manner.

That is why, it’s really important to know the right format of this email as you will have to keep a couple of important things in mind while writing.

First of all, you will have to ensure that the email address of your recipient is correct. Then make sure that the subject of this email is mentioned to lock the attention of your reader.

Start your email with the appropriate salutation and then express how that condolence note moved you as it gave you strength to bear the pain of your loss.

In the next paragraph, you can share some old memories and then say thanks to your addressee for each and every word. You should also show gratitude if that person offered some help during this time of grief.

Finally, conclude your email with few gracious words followed by suitable closing and your name.


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    Sample of Response to Condolence Email:


    Subject: Thanks for your love and support

    Dear Mathew,

    As you know, I was going through a painful phase after the death of my mother but I am writing this email to tell you how much your condolence email gave me strength to bear this pain. I have no words to express my gratitude to you for standing by me in this time of grief.

    My mother used to praise your wisdom and your heartfelt message proved that she was absolutely right. Though her death shook me but then your kind words gave me the strength to deal with this personal tragedy.

    I thank you for everything and hope to see you soon.

    Kind Regards,

    Ben Hudson

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    Template of Response to Condolence Email:

    To: [email address of the recipient]

    Subject: Response to your condolence email

    Dear [name of the addressee],

    I am writing this email to express my gratitude for your kind words at the death of [mention the deceased]. I cannot tell how devastated I was but then your note gave me the strength to bear this pain.

    Me and my family thank you for your love and support in this time of grief. Though, you were far away but still I felt you around me. This shows how strong our bond is.

    I also thank you for offering your help. I just need your prayers as I’ve managed everything now. Hope to see you soon.


    [Your Name]

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