Rose Water Benefits for Skin

Generations have benefited by using rose water as a part of skin care regime. Just glance at the history of skin treatment, and you will be surprised to see rose water and rose oil as the oldest care products. It would not be wrong to call rose water a miracle product.

Including Vitamin A&C, rose water holds several natural ingredients. The antioxidants, present in the water, cure the tired skin quickly as well as give it a fresh glowing look.


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    Ladies with over-heated skin should not waste even a moment. The anti-inflammatory properties of rose water work superbly in reducing red spots from an irritated skin.

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    With rose water, there is no need to use expensive cleansing products. This water is a superb cleanser itself, and removes dirt and oil from the skin within a few moments. As a result, the ladies succeed in avoiding acne and pimples.

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    The astringent like properties of rose water do wonders with the human skin. It should be used especially after facials, as it enters the open pours of the skin and cleans them properly.

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    The working ladies should always keep a bottle of rose water at their dressing table. Even if you stay at home all the time, apply a little rose water on your face before going to bed. It will remove all impurities that your skin has collected during the day.

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    The antibacterial and antiseptic properties of rose water are also awesome. In case you have any skin problem, the foremost treatment should be rose water. Although this water works slowly, it has no side-effects.

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    If you love your skin, you must be familiar with the importance of maintaining the skin’s PH balance. Women use different expensive creams and lotions to solve this issue.

    The rose water proves extremely helpful in this regard. Mix this wonderful liquid with a water-based cream and apply to your face. You will soon observe the positive changes.

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    Wrinkles can be a huge problem for aging ladies. Rose water not only reduces wrinkles, but makes the skin smoother.

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