One Day Leave Letter

Like any other official letter, leave letters need to be formal and properly addressed, either to your supervisor or the human resources department. If you are looking to apply for a one-day leave, your letter should be short and to the point. Furthermore, you need to be careful about your organization’s leave policies, which may require you to submit leave applications well in advance, unless they are emergency requests.  We have made your job very easy, simply use the tips below and please like and share this page.

Read Below Tips for Writing a One Day Leave Letter



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    Keep the letter short and to the point.
    Clearly state the reason behind your leave request.
    Give a quick status report on your work if required.
    Leave contact details if necessary.

    Sample of a One Day Leave Letter #1

    Christen Aguilera
    4610 Penny Ave
    Santa Ana, CA 92703-1219
    (714) 554-7203

    1st of September 2011

    Audrey smith
    ABC engineering Company

    Respected ma'am,

    Due to some family commitments I will need to take a day off from work tomorrow, September 2, 2011. My family is going to be traveling to another city in order to meet some relatives and my presence is essential. I will be completing my work today and have requested my teammate Jillian to cover for me during my absence.

    I will be looking forward to a positive response from your end.


    Christen Aguilera

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    One Day Leave Letter Sample #2

    Mary R. Mcclain
    337 Lina Ave
    Alameda, CA 94501-5468
    (510) 523-3021

    2nd October 2011

    James Parker
    Executive Manager
    XYZ Transport Company

    Dear Mr. Parker,

    My father has a scheduled appointment with his doctor tomorrow, and in order to accompany him, I would like to request a leave. The appointment is for 2:00pm tomorrow, which means I can’t give proper time to work. While I know that we are running on a tight schedule in regards to the new project, my father has been very ill lately and has trouble going around on his own.

    I have requested my teammate James to put in a few extra hours in order to complete some of my work, to which he has agreed. Furthermore, I will be available on my personal contact number throughout, in case my assistance is required.

    As for my pending work, I will be completing it as soon as I return.

    Kindly consider and approve my leave request.

    Yours sincerely,

    Marry R. Mcclain

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    Template of a One Day Leave Letter



    (Name of your employer)
    (Employer’s designation)
    (Organization’s Name)
    (Organization’s Address)
    (City, State, Zip Code)

    Dear Mr. /Ms. Mrs. (Last Name),

    I am writing this letter to apply for a one day leave on the (Date) for (Reason for leave). I will be back to work on the (Return date) and complete all my pending work.

    Meanwhile, in case of any official issue you can contact me via phone and email. I hope you will consider my application positively.


    (You’re Signature)
    (Your Designation and Name)

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