Pregnancy Leave Letter

Whether your pregnancy is planned or unplanned, most countries have maternity leave laws that apply to you. In some cases, companies have their own policies that relate to pregnancy leaves. However, in all cases you will need to inform your supervisor or boss about your pregnancy and the required leave. It is a good idea to let your superiors know as soon as possible so that they are not caught off guard when you request a leave. You should also try having a conversation with your Human Resources department about how much time you can take off with pay, with out pay, along with the delegation of your tasks during your absence.

Let us show you how to write a pregnancy leave letter once you have all the required information. You can also look at the samples and template we have provided to write your own leave letter.

Tips for Writing a Pregnancy Leave Letter

  • Mention the expected time of birth clearly.
  • State the number of months you will be taking off.
  • Offer medical records and doctor’s recommendations to support your request.
  • Delegate your work responsibilities and show a clear plan to ensure work doesn’t suffer.
  • Give your contact details for emergency cases.


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    Sample of a Pregnancy Leave Letter #1

    Mr. John Smith
    HR Manager

    September 24, 2011

    Dear Mr. John,

    I would like to inform the management and my supervisors that I am expecting the birth of my first child. With only around 2 months left before my delivery, I will require a leave of absence for at least 12 weeks.

    If possible, I would like the leave to start from October 1, 2011.

    Since I will not be available during my leave to complete the projects I am working on, I have devised the following plan till I return. This plan is a proposal and I invite your comments on the matter.

    I will complete the following projects before leaving:

    ABC site expansion plan
    XYZ sales proposal
    Month end meeting

    In my absence, the following projects need to be covered.

    Monthly sales reports
    XYZ marketing plan creation

    If required,  I can train a temporary worker to cover my duties. However, I believe that Richard Green is a great candidate for handing over the responsibilities.

    I will also try to be available via phone and e-mail during working hours to facilitate my team.

    Please let me know if you have any concerns.


    Sara Sylvester
    PR Manager

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    Pregnancy Leave Letter Sample #2

    Mr. Clive Roberts
    Head of Operations, ABC Inc.

    September 24, 2011

    Mr. Roberts,

    As we discussed earlier in the year, I am currently pregnant with my first child and will need to take a pregnancy leave by the end of this month. I will be out of the office from June 25 to September 10, 2012 for my delivery, recovery and initial child care.

    To make my transition easier, I have created a list of all projects I will complete before leaving. I have also setup a list of required tasks for the person who will be taking over my work when I am on maternity leave.

    Before taking leave, I will finalize the ABC site expansion plan, XYZ sales proposal and Month end meeting agenda. Once these are completed, the monthly sales reports and the XYZ marketing plan needs to created by the person taking over my duties.

    Richard Green, who is a member of my team, should be the perfect candidate to take over once I leave for my maternity leave. I will also be leaving my personal contact details with him in case he needs to coordinate with me over work related issues.


    Sara Sylvester
    PR Manager

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    Template of a Pregnancy Leave Letter


    (Your Superior’s name)


    Dear Sir,

    This is to inform you that the birth of my (First/second/third) child is expected within the next (Number of months) and I will need to take time off from work now.

    I would like to request a leave for (Number of weeks) weeks, starting (Start date). While I expect to be back by (Return date), I will keep the HR updated regarding my situation.

    I will complete the following projects before leaving:

    (Project name/Duty)
    (Project name/Duty)
    (Project name/Duty)

    In my absence, (Colleague name) will be working on the following projects:

    (Project name/Duty)
    (Project name/Duty)

    If my assistance is required, I will also try to be available via phone and e-mail as much as possible for me.

    Kindly let me know if there are any concerns.

    Looking forward to a positive response,


    (Your Name)
    (Your Position or title)

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