Table Connect for Iphone to Change The Touch Experience

For all those who are great fans of Apple products and are chomping at the bit to get their hands on its latest products, there’s always something new. But it’s not Apple this time, instead a third party who developed an iPhone Table to let you play your favorite games and use exciting apps on a bigger screen. Demonstrated in TEDxVienna this February, the table has attracted a huge iPhone fans.

Just connect your iPhone by a standard dock, and it will enable the iPhone’s screen to be projected on to the table. Once it is connected, you will be able to see a multi touch table just like your iPhone. Although accessing each function of iPhone on table will be interesting, watching a video clip, having a video call, browsing images and playing games will be a great!

It is an alpha release but it seems to have a lot of potential. When it comes to functionality, it is a user friendly product and projects high resolution that ultimately makes the screen pretty clear.

The good thing about iPhone table is that you can have a multi touch on the table, and thus can use the full functionalities of the iPhone. However it is still uncertain how to make full use of the phone features on a table but apart from this, the current details are pretty attractive.

Although no official details have been given yet about the final release of iPhone table, but the alpha release software and firmware that have been recently updated looks pretty good. It is also heard that prototype table is compatible with iPhone 3GS and above and you must have iOS4 to use it. Besides that your device should be jailbroken and it needs a quick app to make the table functional.

The overall concept is identical to Microsoft Table except that for an iPhone table, you need to have a iPhone device with you to connect.

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