Taxi Fares in Dubai

Being a foreigner in a country and not aware of the distances, landmarks and routes, what is the most difficult thing after finding a taxi? Paying for it! This is true for Dubai too, and not knowing how the public transport system works can leave you frustrated. Dubai has now introduced the meter reading system in all its taxis and the fare is set according to the kilometers a taxi runs on.

There is a fixed rate of each kilometer that is traveled on the taxi. This decreases chances of passengers paying extra, and the drivers minting more money than necessary.  But what is the minimum fare that can be paid? Are there any other costs that a passenger has to pay? Do different routes have different fares? The guide below is going to answer these and a lot of other similar questions for the new residents of the city as well as tourists.


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    Minimum Fair

    The minimum fare a passenger has to pay is Dh. 10. This has to be paid even if you have traveled only a few meters.

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    Going Out of Dubai

    Any trip made to an Emirate outside of Dubai will require you to pay additional Dh. 20, which is going to be on top of the actual fare paid according to the kilometers traveled.

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    Entering into Dubai

    Passengers who leave Mina Rashid Port and enter into Dubai will have to pay an extra Dh. 20. Just like when they leave Dubai.

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    Taxi Fairs Set by RTA

    It was in 2011 that RTA increased the taxi fares in Dubai. Now the rate paid per kilometer has gone up to Dh. 1.71 from an earlier Dh 1.6.

    So now a 20 km trip to anywhere in the world would cost an increased Dh 2.20. However, RTA states that the fares in other parts of the world are still higher than what they are in Dubai.

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    Starting Meter Fair

    A starting meter fare is charged from every passenger but the actual cost that is charged is dependent on the location from where you are hiring the taxi. If you take a taxi from the Dubai International airport area between 6 am to 10 pm, the starting meter cost would be Dh. 20. But if you’ve taken the taxi from a road, the starting meter rate may be as low as Dh. 3.

    If the taxi is hired at night between 10 pm to 6 am from a road, the starting meter fare is Dh. 3.5.

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    Salik Fees

    It must be noted that taxis are exempted from giving the Salik fees.

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    Running Meter Fair

    Dh. 1.00 is charged as running meter fare on every travel of 571 meters.

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    Parking Charges

    The taxi is charged for even when it is parked and waiting for you. Pay Dhs. 30 and make the taxi wait for an hour till you do your chores. However, the longer the taxi waits, the higher the charges are going to be.

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    Fairs Based on Time

    The taxi service can also be availed for 6-12 hours. If you’re booked the taxi for  6 hours, the charges will be Dh. 300 while a 12 hour shift would cost you Dhs. 500.

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    Fares of Different Taxi Services

    Airport Taxi fare: They’re the same as for any other taxi. The starting meter fare is Dhs. 25. But for every 572 meters traveled, Dh. 1 has to be paid and each kilometer traveled will be charged Dh. 1.75. Waiting charges also apply to Airport taxis and they expect to be paid Dhs. 30 for each hour.

    Ladies Taxi fare: Just like the Airport Taxi fare, Ladies Taxi have a starting meter charge of Dh. 25 from the airport area. If it has been booked through the Dispatch Centre during 6 am to 10 pm, then the starting meter charge would be Dhs. 6, while it is Dhs. 7 at night. Every 625 meters the taxi drives, you are charged at Dh 1, while each kilometer is charged Dhs 1.75. Waiting charge is similar to that of the Airport Taxi fare, that is Dhs. 30.

    Special Needs Taxi Fare: The starting meter charge remains the same – i.e, Dhs. 20. But this is only if the taxi is being hired from the airport area. Bookings done via the dispatch centre will be priced at Dhs. 6 if done during the day time but if they are done between 10 pm to 6 am, the charges will be Dhs. 7.

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