Thank You Email for Promotion

There is no better feeling at job than getting a promotion. Every employee would love to receive that one email which states ‘Congratulations! You have been promoted!’ Celebrating your achievement with your friends and family is an obvious outcome after promotion but professionalism and manners also demand something from you. An email rendering thanks to your boss will certainly depict your true professional manners and your boss might share it with his colleagues also.

The opening paragraph is the crux of your entire email and you must render your thanks in the opening few lines. You can keep it simple and let the recipient know what your actual feelings are on your recent promotion. Thank your boss, tell him you are delighted and accept the new designation happily.

Any specific details or guidelines regarding your new designation should be asked in the following paragraph. You can ask for any special help you required to perform your new duties or if already mentioned to you in your promotion email, appreciate the support offered to you. Let your boss know you appreciate the opportunity being provided to you and the level trust shown by him in your abilities.

Use the last few lines to express your appreciation for the new post, like “Thanks again! I shall look forward to deliver by best in the coming days and hope not to disappoint you for promoting to this new level.”


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    Dear Michael,

    I am very glad to receive my recent promotion to the designation of Manager of Sales at this organisation and want to render my gratitude for my selection to this post. I appreciate your decision to promote me and giving me a chance to prove my abilities in an effective manner.

    I must appreciate the entire support and facilitation you have provided me throughout my tenure at this organisation. Your open-door policy is a really helpful thing for the employees to have a direct interaction with you and discuss all sorts of concerns. You have shown your trust in my abilities by promoting me and I shall give my best to live up to your expectations in a professional manner.

    I would like to thank you once again. I assure you I will look forward to take on my new responsibilities in a diligent manner.

    Best regards,
    Josh Mathews,
    Manager Sales,
    XYZ Private Limited,
    333, Alpha Plaza,
    New York, NY 10011

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    [Your Boss’s Name]

    I want to render my heartiest thanks to your for promoting me to the designation of Manager Sales.

    I greatly appreciate your support and policies towards your employees. This congenial environment in the office helps the employees to deliver the best of their abilities and share any sorts of concerns with you. Your decision of promoting me shall prove worthy of it and I will strive to live up to your hopes in the future.

    I thank you once again and assure you to take up my new responsibilities in the most professional manner.

    Best regards,
    [Your Name]
    [Your new designation and e-mail signature]

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