Things to Do in London in October

The dropping temperature and the onset of cold winds marks the arrival of October. Like every month the Capital City of England has various fun filled and exciting events that used to occur in the month of October. If you reside in the city or on a visit to London during October, you have various exciting and entertaining celebrations to choose from the list full of events. From art lovers to people with a palate for exotic cuisines, from chocolate buffs to puppet show fans, from those who have a knack for poetry to people who don’t miss any movie of their favorite genre, the month of October has something for everyone.


  • 1

    Raindance film festival, came in to being in 1992 is a film festival held every year in the end of Spetember to starting days in October to promote film making. It also awards various prizes to the winners and operates in various cities in the globe other than London.

  • 2

    The Punch and Judy Festival is an annual Puppet show held every year in the month of October. It is performed by one pupeteer and features the communication of 2 characters and is held on the first Sunday in October.

  • 3

    London Restaurant Festival used to held every year for 2 weeks in October, marks the involvement of various restaurants present in London. Visit this festival and amuse yourself from the vast list of cuisines that is available over there.

  • 4

    The Big Draw is an annual drawing competition event used to held every year during the month of October and spans the whole month.

  • 5

    October Plenty on Banksidew is an annual celebration of autumn harvest. it is held in the month of October by the Lions part. Some of the events include the corn queene, berry man, the procession and the story orchard.

  • 6

    National Poetry day, which is an annual poetry event continue to held in october of every year. It is continuing since 1994 and is being  patronized by The Poetry Society, visit and participate in the theme games this day has to offer to you.

  • 7

    The Chocolate week is held every year for one week in october to recognize the United Kingdom's growing chocolate industry. People  discuss not only the ways with which different chocolates are made but also chocolates are available for tasting.

  • 8

    Frieze Art Fair is held for 3-4 days in the mid of October every year, it hosts more than 170 art galleries from around the globe and gives its visitors a chance to look at the crafts represent various different areas of the world.

  • 9

    Diwali in London is an annual celebration held every year in october in London at Trafalgar Square. Diwali means festival of lights and originates from India, participate in this event and have a look at the Indian culture and clebrations.

  • 10

    BFI is an annual October event held in London every year. The event has been continuing to held since 1956 and marks showcasing of the best films being produced in the whole wide world,  its tickets are for sale to every one who loves fims.

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