Things to do on Holidays in Hong Kong China

Those who were born and raised in Hong Kong will know that the city is incredible and the people are very friendly and loving. Whenever you visit the other two members of the Nylonkong, you will see an immediate connection between the two places.

For those looking to compare Hong Kong to a European or an American City, it does not look like London or New York. It is something else. It is more like an island. The reason why it is so close to an island is the fact the people here in this city are crazy about sea food, saving money and their privacy.

Some of the most of interesting and fascinating places are found in this ancient city of China.


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    Victoria Peak

    If there was a single image that could describe this city, it would be Victoria Peak. When you look down at the city from this point, you will get to see one of the finest harbours on Earth. It will be easy to understand why the British were so reluctant to leave this place.

    Looking at the mountains in the north of the city, the restlessness and energy is reaffirmed by the stunning view from the peak.

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    Lin Heung Tea House

    Lin Heung Tea House is an excellent place for the tea lover. The ambience is absolutely brilliant and it is affordable for the tourists. An ancient wall clock hangs on the wall and old ceiling fans whir to remind the visitors that it was built almost 50 years ago.

    If you are looking to sit back and relax while you are in Hong Kong, I believe it is the best place to go to.

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    Charter a Junk

    People think Hong Kong is a city but in reality it is not. The place is a sprawling archipelago of 260 islands with wind blowing across surging seas. Hire a Junk and explore the city.

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    The Intercontinental's infinity Pools

    The Intercontinental infinity Pools is not what you call cheap. Either you have to be a hotel guest paying $350 per night or a day client paying as much for the Spa. But what you get in return is simply unbelievable.

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    Temple Street City Market

    It is a historical place. Typical Hong Kong food stalls, public toilets and Chinese chess gaming cafes can be found in abundance in this area.

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    Heli Tour of Hong Kong

    It is a 28 story elegant building from where the guests are escorted to a rooftop helipad and into a chopper, which takes you for an exciting aerial tour of the city.

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    Cha Chan Tang

    It is the best restaurant in town. So if you are starving while shopping around, consider visiting the best restaurant in the city.

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    Star Ferry

    It costs just $28 each way for an upper deck seat. The journey through Hong Kong’s famous cross harbour is just thrilling.

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    Chungking Mansions

    The complex of five 17-story towers is home to residential apartments, low-rent guesthouses and offices, money changers, restaurants and shops.

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    Roof of the IFC Mall

    You can find some of the best bars and restaurants in the mall. Consider getting up early to visit the mall as early as possible.

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