Tips for First Date For Men

Dates are very unpredictable, and if you’ve been on so many unsuccessful ones in the past, then you must know by now, how terrible they can make one feel. In as much as dates can get you all shivery and nervous, they are supposed to be fun and exciting. As a guy looking to take things to the next level in the dating world, there certain things that you must do and other things you must learn to avoid in other to secure the perfect date. And with the right tips on how to go through with it successfully, it can only get better every time you ask a girl out on a date. Read on to find out more tips for first date for men.


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    Plan before you go
    Basically, your plan should involve when and where you are planning to take her. For most girls, a dinner at a quiet restaurant will do the trick. While some might just prefer a simple movie date. So make sure you do a little bit of survey to find out the best kind of places that will impress her at first sight.

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    Be on time
    It is conventionally considered rude to have your date waiting up for you. Most ladies might overlook it and give you the benefit of the doubt by waiting longer. While others might just walk away without even giving it a second thought to wait until arrive.


  • 3

    Always pay
    Whether the date was her idea or not, insist on getting the check. The last thing you want is for her to start thinking you might be having some money problems. That might just scare her away. Even though most ladies might genuinely not mind paying for their dates, but the truth is, there are some laws of nature that can’t be overruled, and this is one of them. ''The guy must always pay for every first date with a girl!''

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    Be confident
    It is no secret that every lady loves a confident man. They want someone they can lean on and defend them in times of trouble. And being less confident of yourself in front of her will only get you axed off her list of ‘’promising boyfriends,’’ that’s if she makes any.


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    Avoid being judgmental
    When she's narrating something she might have done in the past or currently doing, and at any point should you make judgmental comments. Whether or not you are only being constructive with your opinions, most people don’t respond well to judgments, so you might want to choose your words carefully. In the long run, when you are both finally together, perhaps you can do whatever you want and it might not be that bad, but on a first date, it’ll definitely be that bad.

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    Dress to impress
    A lot can be said about someone’s state of dressing. You can either appear as the gentle and responsible guy with a suit on, or an irresponsible ''frat boy'' wearing tennis shorts and armless T-shirt. You’d even be lucky if she plans to sit with you for more than 30 minutes, given your ridiculous state of dressing. So beware!

  • 7

    Get in the conversation
    Nobody and absolutely nobody, likes to have a conversation with a boring fellow. If she’s talking and all you are doing is nodding your head, you might eventually bore her out, which is the last thing you want. So dive into the conversation and let her know that you can be very fun to talk with.

  • 8

    Pay attention to every detail
    Women in general like men that can listen when they talk, so avoid browsing through your phone whilst she’s talking, it’s not polite and highly offensive. IF you have to take a call, have yourself excused in a gentle-like manner.


  • 9

    Say goodnight
    Refuse to allow the evening end awkwardly. Be intentional about saying good bye by initiating a handshake, hug or kiss. And don’t rush into it, do it gently and passionately. You’ll give her something to dwell on as she’s on her way home. Even better, you can take a slow and romantic walk with her until she arrives at her residence before saying goodnight.

  • 10

    Call her the next day
    The purpose of your first date, was to let her get to know you, and definitely look forward to a next time. So instead of following those 3-day rules and allowing someone else take your spot, why not call her the next day and find out if she had a great time the previous night. If she did, initiate another time to go out and be sure she’ll be more than up for it.

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    Dates can be tricky and can sometimes end badly, but with these tips, it only gets better and better!

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