Top 10 Advantages of Planting Trees

Protection of the environment should be a priority for everyone as global warming is consistently increasing and the chances of a major natural catastrophe in shape of severe weather change is becoming increasingly likely.

One reason is the over exploitation of natural resources as well as the cutting down of trees in unbelievable numbers. All of this exploitation of resources is damaging the climate of Earth and making it vulnerable to severe changes.

It is important that trees are planted so that the ill effects can at least be reduced to a certain degree.


  • 1

    Stop Flooding

    Flash floods can carry rocks and trees slow this flow down. Strong tree can often stop rocks from damaging property and hurting people.

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  • 2

    Conserve Energy

    Trees cool the temperature down and houses that have trees next to them use fewer air conditioning thus reducing the cost of energy.

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  • 3

    Food Source

    Many trees provide fruits which are a source of food for both humans and various animals.

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  • 4

    Adds to Beauty

    Trees add to the beauty of any location and also give signs of changes in the weather.

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  • 5

    Wild Life Protection

    Trees are habitats to many different varieties of wild life and thus protect them against predators as well as from the harshness of the weather. They help in keeping the eco system balanced.

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  • 6


    Trees are a valuable source of wood which is needed. In order to get more wood and keep the process going, new trees need to be replanted on a regular basis.

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  • 7

    Learning Curve

    Children can learn a lot from trees as they can also be good help in developing their physical abilities at the same time. Kids need to be taught the benefits of trees and how the youth can change the overall outlook of the environment through conservation.

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  • 8

    Soil Erosion

    Trees help in stopping soil erosion which is particularly bad for areas of farmland that contain fresh water and space for growing food for human consumption.

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  • 9

    Better Temperatures

    A fresh healthy tree can provide the same cooling as a number of air conditioners at the same time. Make use of these natural air conditioners and save both money and the environment. Trees provide much needed shade during the summer which keeps things cool around them.

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  • 10

    Source of Oxygen

    Trees take away carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and gives clean fresh oxygen which is the most essential requirement for human life.

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