Top 10 Amazing Japanese Inventions

Japan has become a huge power in the last two decades and there have been involved in some of the most important inventions in recent times. There are a number of multinational companies from the country which are ruling the world currently. Some of the most important inventions include speed passenger trains and CD players.

The Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera is another great invention from Japan in recent times. Obviously, there have been many changes made to the original version but the basic idea was always from Japan in the 1980s.


  • 1

    Bullet trains

    Bullet trains were first invented and used in Japan in the year 1964. The country has had a brilliant rail transport system and one of the primary reasons for this is the introduction of bullet trains

  • 2

    Speaking piggy bank

    Another innovative idea coming from Japan was the speaking piggy bank. The device will give a count of all the money that has been inserted

  • 3

    Digital pets

    Digital pets were first developed in Japan and are now one of the most popular toys for children around the world

  • 4


    Robots were first developed in Japan and remain one of the country’s most popular and important inventions. Japanese are known for their innovative ideas and advancements in technology

  • 5


    This form of entertainment was also made in Japan and as found immense popularity amongst aspiring youngsters around the world

  • 6

    Tap controlled touch screen Camera

    This is a latest camera developed by Olympus, a Japanese company. The pictures can be taken by just tapping on the camera

  • 7

    Mattress with built-in fan

    These are mattresses with an embedded fan in them. The mattress would provide a cooling effect which can be matched with the cooling of an air conditioner. This invention is sure to take the world by storm in the next few months

  • 8


    This is a cooking device which is capable of making a total of 23 recipes on its own. The temperature sensor can control the heat and help in making foods

  • 9

    Digital SLR Cameras

    These cameras have gained huge popularity in the last few years and are widely referred to as professional cameras. It must be noted that SLR cameras were first introduced in Japan

  • 10

    Compact Disc Players

    CD players are one of the most important inventions in the last few years by Japan. The disc players have further been used in computers and laptops since then

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