Top 10 Best Ways to Apologize

No matter how careful you are, there always comes a time in life when you end up fighting with a loved one or hurting them, intentionally or unintentionally. If you really care about that person, then the strained relation will be making it hard for you to eat, sleep and even breathe. Therefore, the best thing to do under such circumstances is to go and apologize. Saying sorry to someone does not mean that you are accepting your mistake. Instead, it shows that you care for them far more than you care about your ego.

When you make up your mind to apologize to your loved one, it is important to do it in the best and most convincing manner possible.


  • 1

    Mend it

    You can apologize to a person by mending whatever it is that caused the issue between you two. Unless you correct or make up for the wrong, the problem would persist and any amount of apology would be futile.

  • 2

    Sincerely say that you are sorry

    Simply saying sorry is not enough. You have to say the word in an extremely convincing manner, letting the other person know that you are not just uttering the word, but actually mean it from the core of your heart.

  • 3


    Giving gifts is an excellent way of letting the other person that you regret hurting them and really want to earn their forgiveness so that things get back to normal.

  • 4

    Take them out

    Plan a day out with the person whom you have wronged. If the person goes out with you, then it will be a clear sign that they are willing to forgive you. Make the most of the opportunity.

  • 5

    Prepare a card

    Card is a great of expressing yourself. Visit a nearby card shop and buy a beautiful “I’m Sorry” for them.

  • 6


    Write a note or latter to the person you have wronged and express your regret through words. Let them know how bad you feel and how much you want to make up for your mistake.

  • 7

    Accept and promise never to repeat it

    Accepting your mistake is the first step towards earning someone’s forgiveness. You need to show the other person that you feel remorse. After accepting your mistake, make a promise to never repeat the mistake again.

  • 8

    Ask for punishment

    Ask the person what they would like you to do in order to get their forgiveness. Show your willingness to accept whatever punishment they decide for you. Make sure they know that you are doing it simply because you care a lot about them.

  • 9

    Make them feel important

    You may have hurt them and shattered the trust that they had in you. In order to earn their forgiveness, try to gain their trust again by treating them well and making them feel special.

  • 10


    Your gestures can communicate your desire to mend relations with the person you have wrong and earn their forgiveness. Make something special for them such as dinner. Sometimes, your gestures can communicate your feelings far better than words.

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