Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in the World

You might think your office job is killing you or your boss is the worst in the world, but you might not be aware that there are certain professions which are actually quite dangerous and yet people are engaged in them. Here is our list of the top 10 most dangerous jobs in the world.


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    One of the main factors behind the high prices of sea-food is the danger associated with the job. Fishing is the most dangerous job in the world given the hardships a fisherman faces and the risk of drowning associated with the work.

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    Military is an essential part of any nation’s defense and when things get ugly, forces are called into action to resolve matters with extreme means. Lives are lost and sacrifices are made, making army one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

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    Logging and timber workers are third on the list of most dangerous jobs with the constant danger of falling trees, tough weather and harsh conditions. A timber and logging laborer is considered to face twenty times the danger faced by an ordinary laborer.

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    Flying has obvious risks associated with it and pilots endure those risks on a regular basis. While their salaries reflect the risk involved with the job that does not mean pilots don’t have it tough. Test pilots have an even more dangerous job than regular pilots because they have to try flying experimental planes.

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    Recyclable Material Collectors

    While underestimated both in terms of its importance and risks involved, garbage collectors are employed in a dangerous profession. The biggest risk they face is getting hit by motorists passing by as they collect garbage from roads and highways.

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    Iron and Steel Workers

    Even though there are safety measures, iron and steel workers face a lot of risks in their jobs. There is a high fatality rate involved because of the heavy machinery, tools and structures in the profession.

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    You might think farming is all about living a peaceful life, but it is not as easy as it may sound. Heavy machinery is involved in the profession and farmers must work long hours. While technological developments have made farming more convenient and safe, weather conditions and dependence on equipment still leads to considerable risk.

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    Electrical Workers

    Linemen and electrical workers are at considerable risk for their lives given the dangers of electrocution and high voltage lines. Another risk factor is the height of the power lines, falls from which can be fatal in most instances.

  • 9


    While we may enjoy an action movie and take it all for granted, there are actually stuntmen working behind the scenes to deliver those thrilling sequences. The job of stuntmen has obvious risks involved and is among the most dangerous jobs in the world.

  • 10


    Taxi drivers are more prone to traffic accidents than regular drivers. Not only do they suffer from fatigue and health issues from constant sitting, they also have more chances of being involved in accidents. Truck drivers on the other hand face even higher risks because of the size of their vehicles and long working hours.

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