Top 10 Most Followed Religions in the World

Even in the modern scientific world, religion plays a huge role in human societies. Over the course of past few centuries, misinterpretation of different religions became a single major reason behind wars and bloodshed, which is the reason why many countries these days have separated religion from politics.

Billions of people all around the world practice different faiths vigorously, with most of them believing in life after death and a single Allah/God. Christianity and Islam consist of more than half of the world population but there are many other religions, which have sustained their followers for thousands of years.


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    With more than two billion followers, Christianity is the biggest religion of the world. Christians believe in the doctrine of trinity and are followers of Jesus Christ (PBUH), who was the son of Mary without a father. Praying in rosary, sign of cross, speaking in tongues and idolization of the saints are among the common Christian practices.

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    Islam is the second largest religion of the world, having more than 1.2 billion believers. The followers of Islam are known as Muslims, who believe that Mohammad (PBUH) is the last and the greatest of all prophets. Muslims are the followers of Quran, the Holy book.

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    Hinduism does not have a single set of teachings or beliefs but it is still considered to be one of the biggest religions of the world. Most of the Hindu population lives in India.

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    Buddhists are the followers of Siddhartha Gautama, who is also known as Buddha.

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    Sikhism was founded about 500 years ago by Baba Guru Nanak. With approximately 25 million followers from different parts of the globe, Sikhism is also one of the largest religions of the world.

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    Juche is a religion, having most of its followers in North Korea. It has its roots in the Marxist ideologies of Karl Marx.

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    Judaism is one of the oldest religions of the world, with its roots going as far back as Prophet Moses (PBUH).

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    Founded by Mirza Husayn Ali in the 19th century, Bahaism is practiced in some parts of Iran.

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    With over five million followers, Jainism is the ninth largest religion of the world.

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    It is the indigenous and traditional religion of Japan, having more than four million followers. Shintoism has been practiced since 500 B.C.

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