Top 10 Most Painful Ways to Die

No one can escape death. That is a reality.

However, one should always hope and pray of a peaceful death rather than a torturous one.There are so many ways through which a person could die. While some of them may not be as painful, for example, dying naturally in the bed, or by taking excessive doses of pain killers, there are some horrible ways of dying, and the perceived top 10 of them are listed below.


  • 1

    Bleed to death

    One of the worst ways of dying is by bleeding to death. You will not die instantly, but the process will be slow and painful. If you have hurt yourself badly and don’t have anything to prevent the bleeding, you will be unable to survive.

    Moreover, you will not have enough power to get help from someone, especially if you are somewhere in a desert or forest.

  • 2

    Burn to death

    Another horrible way of dying is by burning.

  • 3

    Fall from a mountain

    If you like climbing, you should take some precautionary measures before doing so. In case you take a tumble from top of the mountain, you will be unable to survive. This can be a painful mode of death.

  • 4


    If you have not drunk enough water, you will suffer dehydration. As a result, you will die in a painful manner. This can happen if you get lost in a desert and run out of water supply.

  • 5

    Get eaten by a lion

    Getting eaten by an animal can be so much painful. Let’s say you are trapped in a forest and a lion chases you. If the king of the jungle catches you by throat, you will die instantly, but there are chances that the lion starts eating other parts of your body first, which will be extremely painful.

  • 6

    Drown to death

    If you don’t know how to swim, you can drown to death. The water will enter your lungs and you will be unable to breathe.

  • 7

    Lie down on a railway track

    You can also kill yourself by lying down on a railway track and wait for the train to arrive.

  • 8

    Skinned alive

    Nothing can be more painful than being skinned alive. You will slowly die an extremely painful death.

  • 9

    Buried alive

    If you are buried alive, you will end up dying in a lot of pain and fear.

  • 10

    Eat poison

    Eating poison can also be an option of dying a painful death.

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