Top 10 Most Powerful Countries of the World

Since their evolution, human beings have been trying to dominate each other and this war of survival has now involved different countries, regions and federations. Although, the United Nations claims that every country has equal status but still there are few countries that enjoy an upper hand on the basis of economy, technology, military assets etc.

These countries enjoy the status of so called super powers and also misuse their position and influence on other countries, more often than not, launching an attack is an old fashioned way to dominate. The basic aim is to get a grip on the natural resources, spread across the various continents and secure the future for themselves.

Yet, there are some countries, which are highly influential, but refrain from exercising their might.


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    Despite of facing high crime rate, this country has become the 7th largest economy of the world. It is a result of industrial and agricultural revolution. Moreover, tourism sector also plays a vital role in strengthening its financial status in the region. Brazil has the largest economy in the region and that gives puts it on a respectable position.

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    Italy, the founding member of European Union, is another powerful country of the world. It holds a respectable position not only economically but also in terms of military strength.

  • 3


    In the last few years, India has become one of those countries that are making progress by leaps and bounds. This country has made best out of its human resource. Though, India is fighting with poverty, illiteracy and law and order situation but still it has managed to gain strength in the region.

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    Germany is the most populated country of European Union and  has gained a respectable position in every forum through its economical and military might. Germans are also dominating in the fields of science and technology and having the highest number of Nobel Prize winners is the proof of this fact.

  • 5


    France is one of the permanent members of Security Council and it also has a veto power. This country has a powerful basic infrastructure and its progress in every field of life makes it one of the powerful countries of world.

  • 6


    Despite facing a devastating end in the  Second World War, the Japanese have become an economic super power. They are undoubtedly the world leaders in technology and this field has played a vital role in making Japan an economic giant.

  • 7


    Before Afghan war, Russia was the lone super power of the world. However, it has managed to emerge as a military might within short period of time again. Moreover, its natural resources of minerals and energy make it an economic super power.

  • 8

    United Kingdom

    With nuclear baron and economic strength, UK is undoubtedly one of the top three powerful countries of the world. Industrialisation is its biggest strength; the capital city London has headquarters of several multinational companies.

  • 9


    With a trillion-dollar economy and military might, China is all set to become next world super power. Apart from industry, China is also a world leader in the field of science and technology.

  • 10

    United States of America

    United States’ GDP is 25% of the world GDP and its constant growth on the economic and military flanks proves it as the real super power of the world. America has a valuable opinion in every forum of the United Nations.

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